Amnesia: The Dark Descent Screenshots (Windows)

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Windows version

Main menu
Following a trail of some reddish goo... maybe blood?
You wake up without memories
Mementos tells you what to do next
You can manipulate objects in the environment and move them around.
This is the first piece of Daniel's journal you find
There are mechanical puzzles which you need to solve.
The inventory shows your items and lets you check on the status of your sanity and health.
You can light candles and fixed lamps to provide better lighting which will keep your sanity up.
Time to enter a new area
An audio flashback
You'll find many notes across the castle
Trapped by a cave-in
Something horrible has occurred here
I've heard of mold in the cellar, but this...
The path to the refinery is blocked
Someone or something is moving in the darkness
Not a pretty sight and Daniel is about to lose his sanity (and life)
When you die the game gives you a helpful advice
Red trace
Tips (PL)
Another loading (PL)
Dangerous excrescence
Strange artifact