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Anarchy Online: Legacy of the Xan (Windows)

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Anarchy Online: Legacy of the Xan Credits


Game DirectorColin Cragg
Art DirectorStian Dahlslett
Lead ProgrammerPatrik Persson
ProgrammersEnno Rehling, Sjur Helland, Michael Bentsen
Game DesignersFia Tjernberg, Michael Gotlieb Jensen, Brad L. McAtee, Helene Grøstad, Nina Louise Sund
Production ArtistsOle Jacob Kielland, Tony Westerlund
AudioSimon Poole
QA and Customer Service ManagerØrjan Mathis Tvedt
Build LeadMichael Søvik
Quality Assurance ManagersEspen Bakken, Scott Junior
Quality AssuranceFellyn Silliman, Bent Andersen, Charlene Reed, Christoffer Bjørnsti, Dax Hock, Erika Billowitz, Jared Collins, Jarle Sløtte Nilssen, Ken Eland, Lars Erik Tollisen, Trond Olav Müller-Nilssen, Voss W. Graham, Will Cox, Joseph Levinski
Volunteer ManagerScott Kirk
Volunteer Asst. Manager and ExploitsJustin Dunsworth
Operations DirectorOle Schreiner
Database Administrator and US Office ManagerAdam C. Young
Jr. Database AdministratorAndrew Wilson
Senior System ArchitectTorbjørn Lindgren
Operations ManagerTrond Ystanes
System AdministratorsPer Kristiansen, Marius Hesleskaug, Mattias Brandt
Product ManagementJørgen Tharaldsen, Terri Perkins
Billing ManagerAlex Cowan
Tools DeveloperSami Ylönen
Web Designer & DeveloperAdam Davis
Senior Community ManagerOliver Kunz
Community ManagersGlen Swan, Johannes Rebhahn
Community CoordinatorsLars Malcharek

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Credits for this game were contributed by Aythem (35)