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IGN (Dec 19, 2002)
Funcom didn’t feel they had enough to call this an expansion, so instead they labeled it a booster pack and released it to the stores. Many of the new features are available to players regardless whether they have the booster or not, but the land control features are only available to booster owners. For existing Anarchy Online players, I don't see how you can go wrong adding this to your collection. For anyone considering the game, it now has a much better new player experience and for only $20, you get the booster and the original game so it's not much of a monetary drain. There is also a free 7 day trial available.
87 (Jan 04, 2003)
For those who never heard of Anarchy Online, this will be hard to understand, without a little explanation. So let’s talk about this MMORPG first.
Netjak (Jul 02, 2003)
If you’re already a MMORPG fan, or are looking to get into them, this game is cream of the crop. If you are wary about paying monthly subscription fees (the game can be downloaded for free – hell, they’ll even mail you a CD) and are unsure that you can invest so many hours a week – I’d suggest sticking to Counter-Strike.
A few months ago, in the dismay of many Anarchy Online subscribers, Funcom announced the delay of the Shadow Lands expansion. instead, they’d be releasing The Notum Wars, a booster pack add-on. What was that? Who would want to pay for a mini- update? The answer came shortly after installing Notum Wars—any AO player would want this. More than a mini-update, it’s a major change to the way Anarchy Online is played.
PC Games (Germany) (Jan 22, 2003)
Neben diesen Neuerungen, die vor allem den PvP-Teil des Rollenspiels stark aufwerten, gibt es auch ein paar kleinere Verbesserungen. Einsteiger werden bei der Charaktererschaffung endlich richtig an die Hand genommen: Aussagekräftige Bilder, Icons und ein neues Startareal erleichtern die ersten Stunden im komplexen Rollenspiel.
Als je een die-hard Anarchy Online fan bent, dan heb je The Notum Wars waarschijnlijk al in huis. De uitbreiding blaast net op tijd terug wat leven in de brouwerij voor ervaren spelers. Ook beginnende spelers kunnen deze editie best in huis halen, maar de kans dat ze ooit aan The Notum Wars zullen deelnemen is klein. Er verschijnen betere spelen aan de horizon, en gamers hebben nu eenmaal niet veel geduld...
GameStar (Germany) (Jan, 2003)
Das neue Hilfe-System in Ehren – Notum Wars ist klar ein Addon für Profi-Spieler. Die Tutorial-Sequenz hört ausgerechnet vor der Verteilung der Talentpunkte auf. Fast alle erweiterten Spielelemente kommen nur fortgeschrittenen Helden zugute, die in Gilden organisiert sein müssen. Solisten dürfen sich in Spezial-Dungeons austoben – aber die gibt’s auch ohne Addon per Patch. Für die erweiterten Inhalte und verbesserte Stabilität vergeben wir trotzdem einen Wertungspunkt mehr.
GameSpot (Dec 16, 2002)
The Notum Wars is the first retail add-on for Funcom's online role-playing game Anarchy Online, although Funcom prefers to call it a "booster pack," since the developer feels it doesn't have enough new content to call it an "expansion pack." Whether or not you agree, Notum Wars adds a few new features to Anarchy Online, including new high-level player vehicles, new items and quests, and, most importantly, land control. Notum Wars retails for only $20, even though it contains the full game of Anarchy Online, so if you're a beginner, picking up Notum Wars will get you can get everything you need to get started in Anarchy Online. Everything except some advanced help. Anarchy Online's technical performance has improved since it was released year ago, but it's still a rather complex game that may prove intimidating for newcomers.
Joystick (French) (Mar, 2003)
On retrouve un Anarchy Online pas si éloigné que ça de la version originale. Ici, le jeu en guilde est vraiment très encouragé, mais on reste quand même sur notre faim question nouveautés. Notum Wars est vraiment réservé aux amateurs qui cherchent à affiner leur "gameplay online" sur Anarchy. Pour le plus grand nombre, il faudra attendre Shadowland.