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90 (Dec 03, 2002)
However, as most roguelike games, ADOM is definitely not for everyone. First of all, the whole interface is based on ASCII characters. This is a mixed blessing: it means you won't get any pretty graphics, but you'll be able to identify what's on the screen quickly and easily. Secondly, the large amount of possible commands may seem overwhelming at first, but of these dozens of commands, only a few are used constantly, so learning them should be not too hard. Also, ADOM can be very difficult in the beginning, until you've managed to learn a few basic tactics. Don't let that discourage you, the game is very enjoyable once you are comfortable with the interface and learned to survive in the beginning.
75 (Apr 24, 2002)
ADOM je zkratka pro Ancient Domains Of Mystery a v určitých kruzích je to pojem. Přesto není jisté, jestli má v dnešní době ještě naději na úspěch. Autor hry se totiž úplně vzdal jakékoliv grafiky (hra probíhá v módu ASCII znaků, kde jednotlivé znaky představují objekty a postavy), zato více propracoval RPG část. Pro svou postavu máte na výběr z deseti ras a dvaceti povolání. Váš počáteční výběr výrazně ovlivní jak atributy a dovednosti, tak i vybavení, které do začátku hry dostanete. Jinak je hra typický dungeon - ve městě dostanete úkoly a vyrážíte bojovat s nestvůrami, hledat poklady atd.
Abandonia Reloaded (Apr 08, 2005)
ADOM is one of the best games I ever played. Managing to overcome the lack of visual images by using incredible gameplay is a feat in itself. If you never had the opportunity to try any Roguelike games, then by all means start with this one. You won't be disappointed.
HappyPuppy (Oct 10, 1996)
In the area of depth of play is where Ancient Domains of Mystery is going to shine. There are innumerable little hamlets and places to explore along the way to the grand prize dungeon complex which holds the evil that has been plaguing the land. All throughout the game-once you get used to the lack of graphics-you will find that it is hard to survive in the wilderness, and you can't just go around hacking the villagers to pieces, either. You need to use some strategy in the game to get though it.