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Playlogic International press release (December 04, 2006):

    Eidos to Distribute Playlogic's 'Infernal' and 'Ancient Wars: Sparta'

    AMSTERDAM, THE NETHERLANDS -- (MARKET WIRE) -- December 04, 2006 -- Playlogic Entertainment, Inc. (OTCBB: PLGC) and Eidos Interactive, one of the worlds leading publishers and developers of entertainment software, today announced the signing of an agreement for Eidos to distribute two of Playlogic's highly anticipated PC titles "Ancient Wars: Sparta" and "Infernal" in the first quarter of 2007. They will be available both on- and off-line.

    "Ancient Wars: Sparta" is developed by Russian developer World Forge and provides players a true Real-Time Strategy experience. "Ancient Wars: Sparta" takes place in the ancient Mediterranean between 500 and 450 BC and is based on realistic historical settings. In command of either the Spartans, Egyptians or Persians you fight for supremacy in the region.

    "Infernal," developed by Polish studio Metropolis, is a 3rd person shooter for the PC. The game tells the story of Ryan Lennox, a fallen angel, who has been recruited by hell to restore the balance between Good and Evil. "Infernal" makes use of 'Ageia PhysX software,' enhancing the realistic effects of the game, and also supports the 'Ageia PhysX card' for even more stunning visuals.

    Infernal"It's great to be working with Playlogic and to have these two exciting titles added to our 2007 PC line-up," said Scott Dodkins, European Managing Director, Eidos. "We know both titles are highly anticipated and we look forward to bringing them to market."

    "We are very excited to have found in Eidos our distribution partner for both titles," said Stefan Layer, Vice President and Chief Marketing & Sales Officer, Playlogic. "Eidos has an excellent distribution network and is highly experienced in marketing its products, such as its 'Tomb Raider' (Lara Croft) franchise, which will drive the sales of both games. We are looking forward to working with them."

    Both titles will be distributed by Eidos throughout the world, except from a few countries. Those exceptions are for "Infernal": former USSR and Japan, and for "Ancient Wars: Sparta": former USSR, Italy, Spain and Latin America.

    The official website of Infernal is now online at The official website of Ancient Wars: Sparta will be online shortly. Further information about these games can also be found on

    Contributed by Patrick Bregger (194487) on May 26, 2011.

Imaginary Numbers press release (April 2006):

    The New Game Sparta – ancient Wars Revives antiquity More Realistic Than Ever Before

    In February the new RTS spectacle "Sparta – Ancient Wars" was introduced to the public and inspired the press with detailed screen shots. This information is now followed by a specific view on the techniques and mechanisms of the game. The development team is currently working under high pressure to finish the very first playable demo to be shown at E3 in May.

    The developer team is directed by the German industry veteran Torsten Hess, who already worked significantly on the renowned build-up strategy series "Settlers". On this year E3 he will introduce "Sparta" to interested trade visitors and international journalists, together with details on the "Ancient Wars" 3D engine. Until this date, all fans and friends of real time strategy games must exercise patience before they receive new screen shots, sketches and first detailed information.

    "Sparta – Ancient Wars" features a revolutionary physics engine, developed for real time strategy games, which is able to raise the game feeling to a new dimension. All units, buildings and the environment (e.g. trees, rocks, water, fire, etc.) are simulated physically correct and interact with each other. Battle horses and -elephants kick soldiers out of their way and trees shiver when shot by catapults. Workers are hit by shooting stones, thrown backwards or even die by the power of impact. Massive buildings break down with various effects when hit by projectiles, depending on the kind and intensity of the bombardment. But the physics engine also affects peaceful resource management, narrow and smaller battles. Leaves are blown impressively through the landscape by the wind and water splashes when hit by rocks or debris. The realism in "Sparta – Ancient Wars" goes far enough to show bloody injuries and killed units that are left behind. Such realistic and pitiless battlefield scenarios have only been shown in Hollywood movies until date.

    More than thirty missions of the three fractions are initiated with cut scenes by the "Ancient Wars" engine which prepare for the battles. But not only these cut scenes provide an impressive background. Also unpredictable events provide sudden changes, contradict existing missions and require complete new tactics.

    The developers are also unveiling one of the new features for the genre of real time strategy games, since all transportation units will be able to overtake the basic features of the units that have been loaded. In addition, the loaded units will be visible aboard, which facilitates to identify the most threatening opponent within different enemy fractions.

    For instance, some ships have eight free slots. If filled with normal workers, the ships' speed will increase, since additional power is added to the oars. But if archers are standing at the rail, enemy ships will be shot from the distance or even covered with fire arrows. The most powerful attacks are made by mobile catapults that are able to turn complete ship bodies in physically correct simulated flotsam and can also strike fortified harbour towns from sea. On the other hand, these catapults are very vulnerable to boarding by close battle ships, which can defeat mobile shooting by their sword fighters or phalanx. "Sparta – Ancient Wars" will be published for the PC in 2006 and provide single player and multi player battles. At the moment the game is not signed by a publisher, but the developers are in ongoing negotiations with different partners.


    Real time strategy game orientating on historical time line

    Revolutionary "Ancient Wars" 3D engine with spectacular graphics

    Three campaigns of different nations

    Special multi player maps

    More than 30 missions

    Greatly staged battles without unit limitation

    Battles on land and on sea

    Self developed physics engine

    Cut scenes & sequences with in-game graphics

    Transportation systems receive battle points by upgrading with combat units

    Realistic injuries and remaining bodies.

    Title: Sparta – Ancient Wars
    Genre: Real time strategy
    Platform: PC CD-ROM (DVD)
    Release: 2006

    Contributed by Patrick Bregger (194487) on May 26, 2011.

Back of Keep Case - Windows (Germany):
    Recreate the epic history of Spartans, Persians and Egyptians in three vast campaigns. Fight for supremacy in the Eastern Mediterranean, using each nation’s specific powers in large scaled battles. Use environmental effects like wind and fire to your strategic advantage. Instruct ,your workers to gather resources while you upgrade your defenses with manned cit walls, siege weapons, cavalry and even battleships.

    • Gripping storyline based on realistic historical settings around 500 to 450 BC

    • Unique unit design: Arm your warriors yourself from a vast choice of weapons including weapons capture from slain enemies

    • Play three different nations to conquer the ancient world

    • Command armies with a huge variety of units, ships, chariots and siege weapons

    • 27 challenging missions in beautifully rendered full 3D landscapes and environments

    • Use powerful heroes with different roles and abilities.

    Contributed by Patrick Bregger (194487) on May 26, 2011. (Developer's website) - Russian:
    Мое богатство - мое копье, мой меч, мой славный шлем, крепость моего тела. При помощи их я обрабатываю землю, собираю хлеб и приготовляю вино со своих виноградников; благодаря им - я господин своих слуг.

    Это эпическая история о становлении и распаде одного из самых могущественных государств древности, в которой игроку предстоит пройти путь от вождя маленькой деревушки до легендарного спартанского героя.

    Спарта сочетает в себе классические каноны жанра и смелые игровые идеи, основанные на современных технологиях. Помимо завораживающей графики Спарта предоставляет уникальный игровой опыт — невиданный ранее уровень взаимодействия с окружающей средой, базирующийся на реалистичной физической модели. Воздействию физических законов подвержены практически все объекты игрового мира, включая юнитов и здания. Кроме этого игрок сможет сам экипировать свою армию в реальном времени, захватывать вооружение, корабли и боевых животных противника. В ходе игры на геймплей будут активно влиять различные явления окружающей среды и погодные эффекты, такие как: дождь, снег, ветер, смена дня и ночи, неровности ландшафта и многие другие. А ещё вы познаете разрушительную силу огня!

    Основные особенности:

    • 3 игровые расы: спартанцы, персы и египтяне.
    • Более 30 игровых миссий в трёх кампаниях за каждую расу.
    • Разнообразие юнитов достигает колоссальных размеров благодаря технологии Unit Designer, позволяющей создавать новые виды войск и комбинировать существующие прямо во время игры.
    • Возможность собрать вражеское оружие с поля боя и снарядить им свою армию.
    • Возможность захватывать боевых животных, осадные орудия, транспортные средства и корабли противника.
    • Поддержка новейших графических технологий (Parallax, Chrome, Bump mappings, Specular, Shadow map).
    • Использование физической модели в качестве элемента геймплея (здания состоят из физических объектов, физика воздействует на юнитов, может раскидывать их по округе).

    Contributed by Patrick Bregger (194487) on May 26, 2011.