Ancient Wars: Sparta Screenshots (Windows)

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Windows version

Title and main menu screen
Egyptian campaign briefing
Egyptian Campaign loading screen
At the beginning of each mission you receive your objectives
On the barracks you can set up your soldiers
Egyptian shooting range building
Persian soldiers waiting for Egyptian tributes
Pharaoh house building
Egyptian slaves cutting palms
Egyptian harvesting on the oasis
On the Pharaoh house you can produce slaves
Persian campaign loading screen
Xerxes, one of the Persian heroes
Persian slaves constructing a gold quarry
The gold start to increase our treasure
Spartan campaign loading screen
If you don't want to follow any campaign you cab set up custom games
Constructing the Spartan gold mine
Working on the Spartan farms
Persian soldiers attacking our village
The Acropolis in flames
Persian soldiers attacking the Acropolis
Destruction complete ! they don't stop till all our buildings become dust !
Leonidas and his guards ready to start the conquest
Mission description, Spartan campaign
You can stole the horses to the enemies and use them
Spartan army protecting the Acropolis