Angry Birds: Star Wars Screenshots (Windows)

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Windows version

The game's start/load screen
The game's menu
The button in the lower right plays the movie
The 2nd column of buttons adjusts the sound etc
On the left they exit the game or show unlocked birds
In the lower right of the game's menu is a button to play the Angry Birds Star Wars Story, this opens a browser window linked to YouTube where the shorth movie plays
As the player progresses through the game they encounter and unlock more and more characters
There are multiple worlds to play in, each with multiple levels. The first world, and the only world unlocked at the start of the game, is Tatooine
The player scrolls right/left to select the world they wish to play in, Tatooine is just off screen on the left, then we have Death Star, Hoth the ice planet, and Cloud City over on the right
All the worlds relate to sections of the film except the Boba Fett missions on the left, these are the last to be unlocked, Path of the Jedi, and the Bonus Missions on the right
The mission selection screen for the Bonus Missions. All worlds have similar screens.
These screens and all of the menus contain bits of space junk, plants and other destructible items
Whenever the player encounters a new character there's a short looping animation that shows how that character is used. R2D2 sends out two bolts of electricity to zap nearby baddies
The first Bonus mission. These are the baddies, the birds are on the left, off-screen
The first Bonus mission, her R2D2 is being lined up. The length of the trail of dots indicates his force/speed
At the start of each section there's a sequence of still cartoon shots showing events from the film. This is from The Path OF The Jedi which is from the film Star Wars II
One of the Death Star missions. This is where the player has to contend with planetary gravity
The first mission in The Path Of The Jedi
The first mission from The Moon Of Endor
The first mission of Cloud City
The first mission from Hoth
A ghostly pig appears in the menu screens, when clicked on it brings up this advertisement for the next game
When a level is cleared successfully the player earned points and stars, the stars unlock other game areas
When a level is not cleared the player gets the chance to play it again, and again, and again....