Anna Screenshots (Windows)

User Screenshots

Windows version

Title screen
Main menu
Introduction to the story
The abandoned house proves to be quite inaccessible.
The interface with the three options to interact with the environment.
Observing a large tree
You cannot walk off into the woods.
Finally inside the house
A note so fragile you cannot pick it up.
There are lots of item in the environment you need to pay attention to.
A locked door with a strange symbol.
Objects left behind.
Opening the stove with a flick of the mouse.
A strange figure appears.
A puzzle that involves five paintings.
You are frozen in your tracks and a character appears.
Red markings appear on the walls.
A new room has been opened up.
Creepy figure on the shelf
Spontaneous combustion
A part of the game past the first ending
Objects are thrown around.
Return to earlier rooms and they have changed suddenly.
An organic mask
Looking inside a large trunk
A strange occurrence in a water puddle
These hands weren't here the last time you visited the room.
The first part of the game when the second ending is ignored.
A puzzle inside a cave involving mirrors.