The Apprentice: Los Angeles Screenshots (Windows)

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Windows version

Loading scren
Player creation
Main menu
Choose your team
Example profile
Ready to go
Task 1 involves running a sushi restaurant
Bar overview
Preparing dishes
Task complete
This guy wants a cupcake
MANAA might sue over these stereotypical sushi chefs
Not so good
How the boardroom game works
The boardroom match-up
A pretty one-sided outcome
Of course, she's got a sob story
Running a boutique for task 2
Show me the money
Get her a cup of coffee
A dress being prepared on the right
Give us a twirl
Later sub-levels add more dresses and other items
Nowhere near on this task
Slightly more magnaminous in defeat
Two of my original team have gone
The surf shop
Get your skates on
Drag the rental stuff at the top back into stock
My assistant has to blow up the beach balls and toys