Written by  :  Adam Zwakenberg (10)
Written on  :  Jun 27, 2010
Rating  :  3.17 Stars3.17 Stars3.17 Stars3.17 Stars3.17 Stars

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An average Freespace 2 clone set underwater

The Good

I loved the underwater setting, you rarely see that anymore. The character development show some effort, and are definitely better than mediocre.

The Bad

Lack of atmosphere/life in the water. Too Linear for my tastes.

The Bottom Line

Aquanox 2 dives (no pun intended) into a game genre we almost never see. An Underwater-sim. Except there’s a catch. It plays almost exactly like a regular space sim. Though this seems like a drawback at first, the game makes you feel like you actually are in a combat submarine and gives you the feeling that you’re actually underwater. Though I can’t recommend this game for a number of reasons, it’s well worth the purchase price for the effort and time that went into making this type of game and for trying a genre that almost never comes up.

An underwater scene like this would be GREAT if it played like Freelancer or the old Privateer games. But instead its gameplay is presented with linear missions/using credits to get ship parts/etc. Think of the Descent games mixed with Freespace 2 and you’ll know what I mean.