Arabian Nights Screenshots (Windows)

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Windows version

The title screen is accompanied by an animation of the dancing Princess.
Main menu.
The game begins as Melissa writes a letter to Ali, arranging a secret meeting at the cemetery.
What could be a better start for a game called Arabian Nights than this?
The visuals are pretty nice.
Walking through the cemetery.
About to fight the first enemy: a rat.
Having arrived at the meeting with Melissa, Ali realizes that he's been tricked.
Sword-fighting action! This bulky woman is no Princess and isn't shy of using brute force.
Using a life potion to restore health. Potions are carried around in the inventory.
With the doors locked, Ali has to find alternate means of entry.
Now where have we broken in then?
Looks like some sort of Crusader shrine.
Ali drinks from a fountain...
...and has a vision of another Princess, who's ambidextrous and armed with two swords.
The only means to escape from pursuers is by climbing this rope.
But the enemies have already set up a trap!
Ali successfully escapes the shaft and moves on to the next tower.
Running the game in higher resolution.
Sometimes enemies drop gold coins.
Ali can learn various magic attacks during the course of the game, the first being the ability to throw fireballs.
Yet another area of the first stage.
Climbing a vine to get to the roof.
Some spectacular acrobatic feats are called for to progress through this part of the game.
Women in cut-scene
Enemy loses hand