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Windows version

The main menu
Ladies, are you tired of having to play action games as a latex clad bimbo? If so, then Archangel is the game for you!
The story opens with a traffic accident. All the cut scenes are rendered using the game engine.
Michael wakes up in a strange monastery...
.. and before he knows it, finds himself hacking up ugly creatures.
As you progress, you gain "Force Powers"... oops, I mean "Special Abilities".
Early on, you are given a choice between having a stealthy spirit avatar...
... or a powerful warrior avatar.
Your inventory and powers are controlled with a one button menu pulled straight from console gaming.
Okay, something bad happened here.
When in doubt, empty an automatic rifle into it.
Ivy Rose is your guide and personal guardian angel.
Michael's look evolves with the game. He should really get those things looked at.
The sniper rifle is pretty much mandatory now for action games.
Quick, think of something we can do to ensure we get an "M" rating.