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Advertising Blurbs

Press Release (Sept. 27, 2007):

    ArchLord Expands with a New World!

    Codemasters Online is pleased to announce the opening of a new server for the hugely popular free-to-play MMORPG ArchLord. The new world, Evengarda is set to expand the world of Chantra to unprecedented levels allowing players to create new characters on a fresh new world all from the same starting level.

    To celebrate the launch of Evengarda, Codemasters Online have announced a one month treasure hunt taking place on the new world to reward new players. During this event hundreds of Silver, Gold and Platinum chests will be spread far and wide across the new world, as players come in search of these hidden treasures.

    Contributed by Jeanne (76590) on Oct 28, 2007.
    Das Spiel
    Steckt in Ihnen ein ArchLord, der mit Allmacht umgehen kann? Stürzen Sie sich ein mittelalterliches Abenteuer, an dessen Ende Sie vielleicht der Herrscher über alles werden. Sie befehligen über Stadt und Land, Wetter und die furchtbarsten Monsterhorden, die Tod und Leid unter Ihren Feinden verbreiten. Erstmals können Sie an die Spitze der Macht aufsteigen und ganz alleine über das Schicksal einer ganzen Welt bestimmen...

    Krönen Sie sich zum allmächtigen ArchLord! Entdecken Sie die mystischen Länder von Chantra und erleben Sie eine gefährliche Reise, an deren Ende Sie herrschen könnten. Jeden Monat wird ein ArchLord gekrönt: es lohnt sich also, die epische Herausforderung anzunehmen - zur Belohnung winkt nichts weniger als die Allmacht.

    Herrschen Sie über die Länder von Chantra Hinterlassen Sie Ihren Eindruck in den Annalen von Chantra, indem Sie zum ArchLord aufsteigen - was Sie nach Ihrer Amtszeit hinterlassen, entscheiden nur Sie. Das Schicksal der Welt liegt einzig in Ihren Händen - ob im Guten oder Bösen…

    Mächtige, spielbare Rassen
    Wählen Sie aus Menschen, Elfen oder Orks, um erstmals in einem MMORPG der mächtige Herrscher über eine ganze Spielwelt zu werden!

    Beeindruckende Grafik
    Herrliche, nie gesehene Grafiken mit Tag-Nacht-Zyklen, wechselndem Wetter und globalen Klimaeffekten verwandeln Chantra in ein unglaublich lebendiges Universum.

    Fortgeschrittenes Kampfsystem
    Erleben Sie taktisch spannende und krachende Kämpfe mit aufregenden Effekten, Spezialmanövern und atemberaubenden Kombo-Moves, wie sie noch nie in einem MMORPG zu sehen waren.

    Flexibles Ausrüstungssystem
    Verbessern Sie die Eigenschaften von Waffen, Rüstung und Objekten mit dem fortschrittlichen Upgrade-System. Nutzen Sie spitituelle Steine der Macht, die mit indiviuell einzigartigen Qualitäten bei Kombination mit Objekten ganz neue Kräfte, Fähigkeiten und Charakteristiken freisetzen.

    Atmosphärischer Soundtrack
    Die bombastische Musik im Spiel, aufgenommen vom weltberühmten London Symphony Orchestra, lässt die Welt von Chantra auch akustisch erblühen!

    Contributed by Yearman (23334) on Aug 24, 2007.
    ArchLord - Set in the world of Chantra, this game is an epic fantasy mix, featuring lush in game graphics and a soft sensual soundtrack brilliantly scored by the London Symphony Orchestra. ArchLord brings together all the elements that make MMOs so enjoyable but with a unique hook, the chance to rule the in game world and with it receive a range of benefits.

    The world of Chantra is designed around the five elements, fire, spirit, earth, water and air providing all the areas with very unique and distinctive looks. As you move through the world from the dark expanses of the Orc home world through to the bright, light marble of the human world you will find yourself constantly drawn into to this lush and vivid environment.

    Players are able to play as one of three unique races including Humans, Moon Elf’s and Orcs and within each race they will be able to choose from one of eight different classes depending on their chosen race. Each of these classes will have a host of unique features that players will need to master in order to become true masters of their class, this will present a challenge to both new and seasoned players alike.

    One of the most appealing features is its ability to accommodate both the hardcore PvP fan as well as those looking for more solo action in a quest based game. Players will find themselves able to take part in massive real time battles between guilds accommodating hundreds of players. Or for those that wish to engage in more solo based play they will be able to partake in an extensive range of quests to explore the world and level their skills.

    There is more to ArchLord than just the above, there are many features of the game that you really must experience first hand to get a feel for the depth and quality that this game offers. ArchLord has something for everyone, but do you have what it takes to become the ArchLord?

    Free To Play

    Fellow gamers, the time is finally upon us, take arms and prepare for battle as you struggle for supremacy in the ultimate PvP experience, with one defining prize... RULE THE WORLD!!!

    Face up to the definitive challenge and conquer the mystical world of Chantra!

    Choose from three immense races. The majestic Humans, the towering Orcs or seductive Moon Elves. Each will offer unique skills and abilities to overpower opponents on your route to the pinnacle of MMO Gaming!

    Explore the mystical word of Chantra inspired by five elements - fire, spirit, earth, water and air.Discover a multitude of diverse landscapes, fearsome monsters, formidable spells, potions, weapons and armour, all at your disposal.

    But beware! Chantra is a fearsome land with enemies far and wide, and allies hard to uncover. ArchLord will call upon your mighty skills for survival, friendship and ambition for success in this treacherous and challenging landscape. As progress is made throughout ArchLord, I call upon you to be wise, and seek many allies whilst preparations lay in wait for TOTAL DOMINANCE!

    Key Features:
    1. Free To Play - ArchLord requires no monthly subscription cost! Buy the box and play for life.

    2. There can be only one ArchLord! - Do you have what it takes to become the mighty ArchLord? Work with your guild as you embark on an epic voyage to be crowned the single ruling ArchLord.

    3. Immortalise Yourself in History! - Immortalise yourself in history and with it leave behind your legacy as you fight in your epic struggle to become the all-ruling ArchLord!

    4. Three Playable Races - Take your pick from three powerful races including Humans, Orcs and the enchanting Moon Elves.

    5. Advanced PvP Systems - One of the most advanced PvP systems ever seen including full-blown castle sieges and epic guild-on-guild battles incorporating hundreds of players.

    6. Amazing In-Game Visuals - The mystical world of Chantra is fantastically realised with astounding character detail and gorgeous landscapes.

    Contributed by Jeanne (76590) on Jul 21, 2007.

Press Release (Dec. 5, 2006):

    ArchLord to Become Free-to-Play MMORPG
    Codemasters’ MMPORG ArchLord Removes Monthly Subscription Fees to Become a Free-To-Play Service as the Fantasy Title
    Builds Toward the Upcoming Expansion - Episode 2: Season of Siege

    Codemasters Online Gaming (COG) today announced that ArchLord™, the epic fantasy MMORPG where one player can rise to become the ruler of the world, is planned to become a free-to-play service with no monthly subscription fee. Additionally, fans of ArchLord will be excited to know that the game will continue to receive content updates, including the upcoming Episode 2: Season of Siege, a free expansion due to launch in the coming weeks.

    “We are extremely pleased to offer gamers the chance to play ArchLord for free,” comments Adam McGowan, Product Marketing Manager for COG. “With both the switch to free to play and huge new forthcoming content updates like the Episode 2: Season of Siege expansion, we hope to see many more players taking their opportunity to raise an army and rule the world.”

    Beginning January 4, 2007, no further subscription payments will be required to play ArchLord, and the period from December 4, 2006 through January 4, 2007 will be the last official billing period before switching to the free-to-play service.

    As the transformation takes place, existing three, six or 12-month ArchLord subscribers will be eligible for refunds. New players who purchase a retail copy of ArchLord will be able to play without paying for a subscription, as the retail box provides 30 days free play, and the game will have switched to its free-to-play model by the end of this period.

    Further, COG will be offering free in-game credits to all existing and future Archlord players. The free credits can be used in the Chantra shop to purchase a variety of in-game enhancements to assist players throughout the game. For further details on the free to play service, visit

    Contributed by Jeanne (76590) on Jul 21, 2007.

Press Release (Oct 10, 2006):

    Raise an Army and Rule the World as ArchLord Launches across N.America / Europe!
    Codemasters Online Gaming announce launch of ArchLord backed by epic competition to become the games first ArchLord!

    Codemasters Online Gaming are pleased to announce that ArchLord has now officially released across N.America & Europe on the 3rd / 6th October respectively. The ArchLord game service has now officially launched with retail boxes appearing across all key retailers across both N.America & Europe.

    Priced at $49.99 / €49.99 / £34.99 the full ArchLord game package also includes 30 days free play as part of the full retail package. Monthly subscriptions to the ArchLord game service are charged at UK £8.99, US $14.99, Europe €12.99 respectively plus applicable taxes.

    As part of the official launch of ArchLord, Codemasters Online Gaming have also unleashed final details on the official race to become the games first crowned ArchLord! Announced today, all players entering into the game are inline to enter the competition to be crowned the games first all-ruling ArchLord and with it the lucky winner will be presented with an authentic suit of ArchLord armor worth in excess of $10,000!

    As part of this epic race the winner will be flown to the UK where the games first ruling ArchLord will be presented this unique prize as part of an ArchLord coronation ceremony with the full details to be announced in the coming months.

    ArchLord is the only MMO where one player can rise to become the games single supreme ruler. Whether the player chooses to rule as a benevolent leader or an evil despot, the achievement of attaining the status of supreme ruler of Chantra is deserving of something extravagant to symbolize such an accomplishment.

    Ed Relf, Director of Marketing at Codemasters Online Gaming, commented: “We are extremely happy to finally unveil the launch of the full ArchLord game service. After many months of hard work from all members of the Codemasters Online Gaming team and constant community feedback and support we are extremely pleased to now be able to launch the live service and look forward to welcoming our first players into the game”

    It’s finally time to raise an army and rule the world by entering the full ArchLord game now! For further details on the ArchLord competition and details on where to purchase the game visit the games official website at

    Contributed by Jeanne (76590) on Jul 21, 2007.