ArchLord Credits (Windows)

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ArchLord Credits


Vice President and General Manager of Codemasters Online GamingDavid Solari
Director of MMO GamesAnthony Castoro
ProducerSimon Humphreys
MarketingEdward Relf, Adam McGowan
CommunityTim Hodges
TranslationLea Bark
Director of Network OperationsMark Fowlis
Technical Project TeamNick Beckwith, John Bradshaw, Dyson Gates, Ian Garrett, Bruce Chudley, Biton Walstra
OperationsStephen Brown, Scott Middleton, Scott McGillivray, Craig Baldwin, Nataniel Sacks, Craig Bull, John Barr
Manual WriterAdam Mottram
Quality Assurance Team LeaderJonathon Bosworth
Quality Assurance TeamAdam Mottram, Paul Smith, Andrew Kinzett, Karl Smith, Sandro Castelletti, Liam Georgensen, Claire Chamielec, Danny Bickley, Amarjit Sohal, Kevin Blakeman, Matthew Mortlock
Head of OnlineAdam Hance
Website Creative TeamCheryl Bissell, Mark Stevens, David Felton, Peer Lawther, Nick McAuliffe, Nik Johnson, Rochelle Falconer
Print Creative TeamLiz Darling, Barry Cheney, Amarjit Bilkhu

NHN Games

PD‑ProducerLee Jong Seok
Head of Graphics TeamBae Yong Jun
Head of Game Design TeamKim Dae Hwan
Head of Overseas Support TeamCho Seong Kyeong
Head of Server Program TeamLee Kwang Jun
Head of Strategic and Planning TeamTony Kim
CoordinatorStephi Han

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Amarjit Bilkhu, 18 other games
David Felton, 12 other games
Anthony Castoro, 11 other games
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Peer Lawther, 10 other games
Andrew Kinzett, 10 other games
Danny Bickley, 10 other games
Tony Kim, 10 other games
Edward Relf, 8 other games
David Solari, 8 other games
Matthew Mortlock, 8 other games
Karl Smith, 7 other games
Adam McGowan, 7 other games
Simon Humphreys, 7 other games
Craig Baldwin, 6 other games
Scott McGillivray, 6 other games
Stephen Brown, 5 other games
Jonathon Bosworth, 5 other games
Amarjit Sohal, 5 other games
Adam Mottram, 5 other games


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Credits for this game were contributed by Kabushi (170462)