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Are You Smarter Than a 5th Grader? (Windows)

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Are You Smarter Than a 5th Grader? Credits


Executive ProducerTom Zemlin
DesignJared Larsen
Lead DeveloperKen Sturgis
Art DirectorSheila Kelly Zwettler
Lead ArtistTyler Burks
Additional ProgrammingRiley Veret, Ryan Salsman, Joe Pry
VO ScriptRusty Detty
Quality AssuranceTim Clifford, Ben Hansen, Amie Kolesar


Front OfficeDoug Clemmer, Cory Johnson, Alison Locke, Scott Zerby
ProductionBrian Ewoldt, Cory Johnson
PackagingJohn Gamedes, Jessica Klaustermeier, Michael Tschimperle, Michael McDonough
MarketingNicole Yolitz Armstrong, Tia Wucher, Dawn Nelson Helle
Director, Quality AssuranceJames Robrahn
Quality AssuranceGlenn Lawrence, Greg Stutsman, Jamal A. Khan
Question WritersNicole Danacha, Jill Gregory, Nicholas Krump, Jan Leuger, Sharon Norlander, Erik VanKoeverden

Mark Burnett Productions

ProductionSue Guercioni, Laura Ambriz, Amanda Harrell
Voice OverJeff Foxworthy
KidsAlex Ferris, Jennifer Gillis, Dylan Lameroux, Jianna Ballard

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Credits for this game were contributed by Ken Sturgis (20)