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Arena Wars Reloaded (Windows)

Critic Score
100 point score based on reviews from various critics.
User Score
5 point score based on user ratings.

Arena Wars Reloaded Credits

exDream entertainment

Project ManagerBoje Holtz
Lead ProgrammingBenjamin Nitschke
Lead Graphic ArtistLeif Griga
ProgrammingHenning Thöle, Tomasz Bujalski, Enrico Cieslik, Jan Diederich
Graphic ArtistBoje Holtz, Christoph Rienäcker
ArtworksMichael Oberschneider
Additional GraphicsMeerkat Studios
Lightstorm 3DChristian Sperling
MusicKai Walter (from Reflex Studio)
Sound‑EffectsKai Walter (from Reflex Studios)
Additional MusicMarcus Franke (from Work in Progress), Marco Richter (from Work in Progress)
Additional Map DesignJannic Kraenz

dtp entertainment AG

Executive ProducerMathias Reichert
ProducerHenning Bösken
Marketing Director GSAThorsten Hamdorf
Public RelationsClass Wolter
Localizations ManagerJohannes Bickle
Product ManagerOlgierd Cypra
Community ManagerOlgierd Cypra
QA ManagerMathias Reinke
PackagingdesignStefan Sturm
ManualdesignStefan Sturm
TestersTobias Birk, Bennjamin Burger, Matthias Eckardt, Tobias Gohr, Oliver Groote, Cornelius Kopke, Finja Lange, Tomasz Manthey, Moritz Meier, Frank Oberdorfer, Sebastian Schmidt, Marc Schönbrun, Pan Schöder, Christopher Thoms
ConsultingMarc Möhring (from ME Enterprises)
Arena Wars Reloaded orignally created byBenjamin Nitschke, Boje Holtz, Leif Griga, Karsten Wysk
Special Thanks toManuel Nitschke (Netfreak), Felix Politt (Asylum seeker), Karsten Wysk (realis communities), Cinja

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