A.R.E.S.: Extinction Agenda Credits


Game DirectorNenin Ananbanchachai
Project ManagerChakkapun Singto-ngam
Art DirectorSomjade Chunthavorn
Lead Game DesignerNenin Ananbanchachai
Game DesignersSomjade Chunthavorn, Chakkapun Singto-ngam, Siruit Busayapoka
Lead ProgrammerChakkapun Singto-ngam
ProgrammersChanyut Leecharoen, Sittipon Simasanti, Putt Sakdhnagool
Level ProgrammersSiruit Busayapoka, Nenin Ananbanchachai
Engine ProgrammerChanyut Leecharoen
Technical ProgrammerSittipon Simasanti
Cinematic ProgrammersChakkapun Singto-ngam, Siruit Busayapoka
Lead ArtistSomjade Chunthavorn
ArtistPloypailin Nakdee
AnimatorSomjade Chunthavorn
Screenplay WritersSomjade Chunthavorn, Siruit Busayapoka, Ari Patrick
Story WriterChakkapun Singto-ngam
QA LeadNenin Ananbanchachai
QA TestersChakkapun Singto-ngam, Somjade Chunthavorn, Siruit Busayapoka, Chanyut Leecharoen, Sittipon Simasanti, Putt Sakdhnagool, Thanapat Lorsiripaiboon, Ari Patrick, ORiGO GAMES
Produced and presented byExtend Studio, Extend Interactive Co. Ltd., www.x10studio.com, www.x10interactive.com
Music ComposersHyperDuck Music Studios, www.hyperduck.co.uk, Christopher Geehan, Daniel Byrne-McCullough
Sound Effect ComposersHyperDuck Music Studios, www.hyperduck.co.uk, Christopher Geehan, Daniel Byrne-McCullough
Additional SFX byKevin Carville
XNA Button Pack byJeff Jankins
Co‑Published byORiGO GAMES, www.origo‑games.com
Special ThanksVictor Chelaru, All FlatRedBall Engine staffs, www.flatredball.com

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