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GamePro (US) (Jan 01, 2000)
Say *realtime space combat simulation* to most gamers, and the kneejerk response is "Privateer" or "Wing Commander." In several ways, these products defined the genre. But although Ares Rising was devised by some of the original Privateer team, this latest RSCS puts its own distinctive stamp on the model-- with excellent results.
Level (Feb, 1999)
Ares Rising pune accentul pe rezolvarea inteligentă a problemelor. Față de celelalte jocuri de acest gen, în acesta misiunile de luptă pun probleme destul de serioase gamerilor și pot fi jucate și în opțiunea de multiplayer.
Several things ultimately make this game above average: the diversity of equipment, the single-player branching plot line, and the generally challenging Al. While the gameplay rivals that of PRIVATEER, the engine is such that the game would have made a much stronger Impression two years ago. Now that the space-sim arena has games like INDEPENDENCE WAR and FREESPACE, ARES RISING’s dated graphics really hurt it. Hopefully, Imagine will build upon the good intentions of this first effort and make a more solid overall game next time. For nos if you’re more interested in personality than a pretty face, you’ll probably find ARES RISING worth the $30 price tag.
Game Over Online (Jul 31, 1998)
I just can't enjoy this game when I KNOW there are better games of this type out there. I read a whole bunch of previews before playing this game, and they were all really positive and enthusiastic. This is not the game that will revolutionize the space sim genre. It is crushed in terms of graphics and sound by all the recent space sims and it is beaten in gameplay too. Considering this was made by the maker of Privateer, I'm disappointed with this effort. Retool the graphics and sound, add a sprinkle of fun and variety to the gameplay and call me when you're done.
GameSpot (Oct 29, 1998)
It cannot be wrong to generalize that, much like the first-person shooter, the space flight simulation is a genre whose visual presentation is critical to its overall quality. Although a plausible physics model, fast action, and even a good story are components whose importance are not to be understated, when you get right down to it, a space flight sim is only as good as it looks. After all, the goal of the genre is to accurately re-create what it might be like to fly a spacecraft, a goal that's become all the more approachable recently with the advent of powerful 3D graphics accelerators. To that extent, several recent contenders in the genre not only look incredible, but offer sophisticated gameplay to match - Wing Commander: Prophecy, Descent: Freespace, and Independence War all combine top-notch flight dynamics with stunning visual effects, the illusion of relativistic speed, and awe-inspiring scale.
Instead of aiming too high and missing, Ares Rising doesn't aim high enough in the first place. It's all been done before, and most of it has been done better.
While some might argue that Ares Rising is an “old school” space sim designed to appeal to hardcore space simmers and those who grew up on the classics, I would disagree: I am one of those gamers, and I found Ares Rising to be a step in the wrong direction. Poor graphics, dated gameplay, and a weak flight interface mar this game’s attempt to bring back the glory of the good old days. Unless you’ve played through every space sim on the market and are having the shakes waiting for the release of Independence War, you’d probably do well to point your ship in the other direction and fly, far, far away from Ares Rising.
GameStar (Germany) (Oct, 1998)
Ares Rising gibt sich alle Mühe, Ihnen von Anfang an den Spaß am Spiel zu verderben. Das beginnt bei den unübersichtlichen Menüs, setzt sich über die öden Textbriefings fort und endet bei der häßlichen Raumschiffoptik. Trotz der ganz netten Missionen mußte ich mich mehrfach zum Weiterspielen zwingen. Und das passiert mir bei Weltraumspielen das allererste Mal.