Arkanoid 2000 (Windows)

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Written by  :  Xoleras (66899)
Written on  :  Jun 18, 2005
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Oh my god, what a waste of time (and money)!!!

The Good

Hm, how should I say this. Well, actually nothing at all.

I usually like to play a Breakout game once is a while (and adding it to Moby if it isn't there yet), and it usually don't matter how old it is and what flaws it might have, as most made fun when I played them. But here, after level 2 out of 60, I had just one thought "Shit! Why does quitting the game takes so long!?".

That I skipped more than 95% of the game is probably a good thing.

The Bad

Hell, what did the developers think while creating that game!? It is from 2002, but it feels like it is from 1992.

"Nice hi-res graphics" should probably mean "Pixelated low-res graphics", it uses 640*480 in 256 colors, just great (remember: 2002!). If I'm not mistaken, this is equal to SVGA, which was already available the already mentioned decade earlier.

"funny sound effects": uh, there were funny sound effects? I didn't heard anything out of the ordinary "blip" when the ball impacts on a brick.

"You may use keyboard or mouse to play the game": well, that might be true for those that spend the 15 Dollar or Euro, but the unregistered version is keyboard-only (crap, in 2002 a keyboard-only Breakout game). Or is this a new marketing strategy? You get a bad controllable game and when you pay us the money, we "enhance" it to the standard!?

And the keyboard controls are rather slow, with presents another downside of the game. When the ball is flying normally, you have a chance to catch it. However, if the ball was reflected after contact with an "enemy" (well, actually just a flying obstacle) so that if flies straight vertically out of the screen, you basically have no chances to catch it, simply because the paddle movement is way too slow.

The Bottom Line

To sum this up in a line: this game is an awful Breakout experience, which should be avoided at all cost.