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ArmA II (Windows)

ArmA II Screenshots

Windows version

Main Menu
Loading Screen
That's one nicelooking AH-1 Cobra.
Zoomed in for the kill.
The point where everything starts: a US aircraft carrier.
Secure LZ! Move, move move!
BOOM - one transmission station less to worry about.
The map is very detailed and helpful.
A city crawling with enemies.
Nice hit Battlemage!
Trying out a BMP-1 in the weapons champer.
Flying over the island searching for targets.
Shiny flag
SpecOp member. Codename: Goat
Not a good parking place.
One of those emotional moments.
Multiplayer is a blast.
Community ported OFP missions - more enjoyable than anything BIS has come up with this time round.
NPCs in ArmA still have that vacant zombie stare
How did they get there? It baffles the mind.
Sometimes battles are best fought on a map
Yea, though I walk in the shadow of the valley of death
It's a military thing
I've been shot in the head. It's not serious, but I am bleeding badly.
The soviets just detonated a nuclear device. Nah, just kidding :-) It's just the dynamic range acting up.
BIS ran out of witty quotes.