ArmA: Queen's Gambit Screenshots (Windows)

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Windows version

In-game intro to Royal Flush campaign
The team is about to touch down at the LZ
Our contact has been shot!
Loading screen, Banksy-style
What would you do?
These "partisans" won't know what hit them
Meeting an arms dealer
What gear to buy for the next mission?
In-game scenes flesh out the story
Cruising in our Toyota pickup
Observing guys in striped pyjamas
Mission briefing
Stylized intro to Rahmadi Conflict campaign
Night-time insertion
"Sarge, why do we get to babysit the cop from Raccoon City?"
Your job is to soften up this ridiculously heavily defended beach. Oh, and no one's supposed to spot you.
Base camp under attack
The guys enjoy the scenery while they still have the chance
Finding your targets in this city won't be easy