Armada 2526 Supernova (Windows)

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Armada 2526 Supernova Credits


DesignRobert T. Smith
ProgrammingRobert T. Smith
ArtTheerasak Nathasiri, Kunlapop Laikram, Apichai Kasikulawatran, John Carline
Sound EffectsBrian Barsda, Others
MusicBrian Barsda, Others
Beta TestersDiogo Gomes, Armin Otto, Leonard E. Oppie, Harvey Bernstein, Justin Lovinger, Ron Lugge (Rilbur), Flemming Leicht Madsen, Nic Quijano (Noxious), Carsten Dennis Andersen, Rafal Jakubowicz
TechnologyIrrklang Sound Library


CEOErik Schreuder
Retail Sales DirectorHoward Newmark
Senior Development ManagerRaymond Snippe
PR ManagerKimara Rouwit
Marketing ManagerKimara Rouwit
Junior Product ManagerLex Suurland
Art DirectorMichael van Zijl
Assistant Printed MaterialsBen van Brummelen
Assistant Online MarketingCihan Kilic
Assistant PRMayke Griffioen
Assistant MarketingMayke Griffioen

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