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An action-packed, laugh out loud shooter. Zack Green (1185) 4.57 Stars4.57 Stars4.57 Stars4.57 Stars4.57 Stars

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Acting The quality of the actors' performances in the game (including voice acting). 3.8
AI How smart (or dumb) you perceive the game's artificial intelligence to be 2.9
Gameplay How well the game mechanics work (player controls, game action, interface, etc.) 3.5
Graphics The quality of the art, or the quality/speed of the drawing routines 3.5
Personal Slant How much you personally like the game, regardless of other attributes 3.5
Sound / Music The quality of the sound effects and/or music composition 3.4
Story / Presentation The main creative ideas in the game and how well they're executed 3.6
Overall User Score (24 votes) 3.4

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Withingames (Feb 28, 2004)
Jetzt, nachdem ich mich mit dem neuen Spiel eingehend beschäftigt habe, bin ich zudem davon überzeugt, dass es nicht nur aus meiner Laune heraus diese Wertung verdient hat, sondern aufgrund seiner ureigenen Qualität. Das einzige Manko, das damals immer angekreidet wurde, war die fehlende Speicherfunktion und das wurde nun durch den Besuch der Tavernen eliminiert. Ganz begriffen hatte ich die Aufregung eh nie, denn früher dauerte das Durchspielen eines C-64 oder Amiga-Actionspiels weitaus länger als jeder Giants-Levels und niemand hatte sich beschwert, weil man nicht zwischendurch sichern konnte. Aber da selbst das nun ja im Lot ist, kann ich nur alle, alle Spieler da draußen auffordern, sich dieses exzellente Spiel zu kaufen, und sei es nur, um die Giants-Sünden wieder gut zu machen.
VGPub (2004)
If you?re a fan of shooting games in general, give this game a look-see. Odds are you?ll enjoy it quite a bit. If you?re a fan of having genuine comedy in games, but aren?t sure if you?ll enjoy the shooting aspect of it, you should still give it a go. At least try out a demo to see if it?s up your alley. The humor only gets more outrageous as the game goes on, and the gameplay gets more and more frantic. If you don?t think your PC is up to snuff for the game, you might want to check out the Xbox version.
Game Chronicles (Dec 24, 2003)
Without putting a little effort into A&D, it would be easy to pass this game off as just another shooter. However, by the time you’ve completed the game it is impossible to deny its excellence. From its sense of humor to its finely tweaked gameplay, Armed & Dangerous is a spectacular and engaging game—a third person shooter for fans of the genre or those sick of the recent wave of formulaic entries it has received.
Worth Playing (Dec 18, 2003)
Serious Sam was a real eye-opener for the gaming community. It reminded us of how fun first-person shooters could be. Great graphics, clever details and a sense of humor went a long way toward reviving a flatlined genre. What Serious Sam did for first-person shooters, Armed and Dangerous does for third person shooters.
Armchair Empire, The (Jan 13, 2004)
It’s hard to write an objective review of Armed and Dangerous (AAD), because if there was ever a game that seemed to be made for me – and people like me – AAD is that game. Lots of action, some glib humor, and familiarity that says, “Welcome Back!” without seeming tired.
GameZone (Dec 19, 2003)
For gamers looking for an entertaining, funny and sometimes-crazy 3rd person shooter, look no further then Armed and Dangerous. The funny story line, excellent sound effects, quality voice acting, good graphics and unique weapons will find you coming back for more. But for gamers looking for a 3rd person shooter with a little bit of something more to offer, this might not be the game for you. The lack of variety in the gameplay will be a sore spot for some players. The stage graphics can also disappoint after a while, since they lack the same detail as the characters. But a game is all about fun (as I’ve mentioned in other reviews) and I can almost guarantee that everyone can find something they will find fun in the game. Heck Star Wars fans should even give it a try just for the few Star Wars references included in the game. Give the game a try if you want to have a fun and entertaining time.
Game Over Online (Dec 31, 2003)
The exploits of the Lionhearts are genuinely funny, mostly due to their own incompetence. I suspect I’d have found that to be the case even without the 103 fever and the chemical dependence. The action is moderately intense, though I think most gamers will find the level of difficulty very manageable as long as you advance methodically and don’t rush blithely into massive enemy numbers. I’d like to note my objection that, like Max Payne 2, AAD doesn’t support multiplayer gaming of any sort, so once you’ve completed the single player game through, your chances of doing anything other than uninstalling it is kind of slim. That shortcoming aside, you could do worse than to have found it in your stocking Xmas morning.
Next Level Gaming (Dec 08, 2003)
I hadn't mentioned that Xbox Live owners will have a little bonus with some downloadable content coming out soon. So add that to the list of good things about Armed and Dangerous. Just an overall solid title, which is what you expect from Lucasarts. Good look, but not fantastic. Great, pick-em-up controls and gameplay. And here's your strategy; if is moves, shoot it - if it doesn't move, blow it up. This game is definately worth at least a rental. It will have you rolling on the floor, then getting back up to throw mass amounts of lead. I'm having fun with it, so will you.
IGN (Dec 03, 2003)
Planet Moon, the developers behind Armed and Dangerous, haven't made very many games. In fact, they've only made one: Giants: Citizen Kabuto. Granted, Giants was an excellent game that combined beautiful imagery, innovative gameplay, and a wicked sense of humor to create a game that more than a few people - including us - named "Game of the Year," but we still weren't sure whether Planet Moon was a one-hit wonder, or a genuinely fine developer. Now we know. (The latter, mind you).
Gameguru Mania (Dec 07, 2003)
Armed and Dangerous is a 3rd-person action shooter developed by Planet Moon Studios, the company that brought us Giants: Citizen Kabuto. The lands of Midden have been conquered by the evil King Forge, who has ruled over them with an iron fist for many years. A small band of Robin Hood-esque thieves, called the Lionhearts, who have an axe to grind against the King, decide to pull one last ultimate heist. They stole the famed Book of Rule, the King's prized possession, and thus humiliate him. It doesn't work out exactly as planned, though. What begins as a purely selfish plan changes as the Lionhearts get drawn into the underground rebellion against the King.
Pelit (Feb, 2004)
Pelatessani viihdyin varsin hyvin. Jos pelit maksaisivat parikymppiä tai niitä voisi vuokrata, Armed & Dangerousilla olisivat pullat hyvin uunissa. Mutta kuka haluaa lyödä vetoa, mikä on surrealistisen, suoraviivaisen räiskintäpelin kohtalo nykyisillä ahdasmielisten, ylinirsojen ja uusia ideoita pelkäävien pelaajien hallitsemilla pelimarkkinoilla? Sinne vain alekoriin Prince of Persian, Beyond Good & Evilin ja muiden hyvien, tuntemattomien pelien seuraksi.
UOL Jogos (Dec 24, 2003)
"Armed & Dangerous" é um divertido, porém simples, jogo de tiro. O senso de humor é um dos pontos fortes, mas infelizmente restrito apenas para quem entende inglês. Infelizmente, para o público brasileiro, esse game parece ser voltado para um grupo muito específico.
The game was easy to install, although it does take 4.3GB of your hard drive. It ran very stable and alt-tabs nicely except when playing movies. If a movie gets interrupted it will just start at the next level. Fortunately you can always re-watch the movies. The interface is easy to use and the game play is fun but limited. There is no multiplayer in this game. Your only shot at replay ability is to get all the tokens you never found and trying harder difficulty levels. This game is good for a laugh but the content is problematic.
Armed & Dangerous is the second offering from Planet Moon Studios, a small California-based developer with a staff composed almost entirely of expatriate Britons. Many are refugees from Shiny or Virgin Interactive (or both), and their studio has developed a reputation for being fueled by two distinct qualities: a great love of new technology and the sort of deranged humor than only the British can produce.
Gameplay (Benelux) (Dec 24, 2003)
Armed & Dangerous lijkt na het geprezen Giants dus een bescheiden stap terug (richting MDK) te zijn voor Planet Moon. Maar de eenvoudige gameplay en de niet langer cutting edge graphics stijgen alsnog boven de middelmaat uit en blijven vooral fun dankzij een nietsontziende humor, slimme variatie, boeiend leveldesign en een originele, gedetailleerde inkleding. En natuurlijk omdat dit gebaseerd is op een waargebeurd verhaal. Echt waar. Het team achter Giants en MDK levert alweer een knotsgek 3D actiespel af maar de afwerking laat af en toe wel te wensen over.
77 (Feb 27, 2004)
Wer auf abgefahrenen, teilweise schon bitterbösen Humor in Spielen wert legt, muss Armed&Dangerous einfach haben! Trotz der mauen deutschen Synchronisation ist der Witz des Games grandios, die Zwischensequenzen zwar technisch solala, aber toll in Szene gesetzt, die Waffen genial bekloppt. Wer hingegen ein abwechslungsreiches Actiongame sucht, wird hier nur gut bedient, wenn er das Spiel in kleinen Häppchen á 30 Minuten genießt - spielt man das Game länger am Stück, setzt schnell Langeweile ein, denn man hangelt sich dann nur noch von Filmsequenz zu Filmsequenz. Mit etwas intelligenterem Missionsdesign würde das Spiel eine breitere Masse ansprechen, das ungewöhnliche Setting kommt erschwerend hinzu. Trotzdem: Wenn ihr mal etwas spielen möchtet, das durch und durch anders als die anderen Games da draußen ist, solltet ihr dem durchgeknallten Trio eine Chance geben!
PC Zone (Feb 12, 2004)
Take away the humour and what you're left with is a simple, undemanding and fast-paced shooter that veers from the gently amusing to a whole lot of fun. But when the fun cruelly comes to an end after a little over five or six hours, what are you left with? The humour. And since the gags wear thin quicker than the knees on Dennis the Menace's jeans, for laughs, give us Phoenix Nights or The Office any day.
Game Captain (Feb 25, 2004)
Für Fans von schnörkeloser Action, die nebenbei auch was zu lachen wollen. Den Spieler erwartet eine skurile Welt voller abgedrehter Figuren mit Charakter, weshalb alle anderen erstmal probespielen sollten. Der Humor ist nicht jedermanns Sache.
PC Games (Germany) (Feb 23, 2004)
Ich gestehe: Armed & Dangerous hat mir einen Heidenspaß gemacht. Dafür, dass ich über die Spielzeit von knapp zehn Stunden auf Rätsel oder spielerische Abwechslung verzichten musste, haben mich Nonstop-Action und die genialen Zwischensequenzen ausreichend entschädigt. Wer damit leben kann, ist beim zweiten Spiel von Planet Moon Studios genau richtig. Die Grafik ist zwar ausnehmend hübsch, mit geringer Sichtweite und den immer gleichen Monstern als Gegnern aber auch nicht übermäßig spektakulär. Dass Sie sich hin und wieder mithilfe eines Jetpacks in die Lüfte erheben dürfen, ist nett, vermag jedoch nicht über das simple Spielprinzip hinwegzutäuschen. Wer bereits mit Spielen wie MDK oder Giants seinen Spaß hatte, sollte sich Armed & Dangerous nicht entgehen lassen.
76 (Mar 03, 2004)
Durch die coolen Waffen macht Armed and Dangerous über weite Strecken richtig Laune. Nur wer die Gegnerarmada Stück für Stück erledigt, hat eine Chance zu überleben. Allerdings steckt auf Dauer zu wenig hinter dem simplen Shooter-Prinzip. Weder anspruchsvolle Gegnertaktiken noch spannender Missionsverlauf versüßen die Metzelorgie. Die zahlreichen Lacher sind es allerdings wert, Armed and Dangerous bis zum Ende zu zocken.
76 (Mar 18, 2004)
Armed & Dangerous on periaatteessa hauska peli. Valitettavasti sitä hauskuutta ei riitä kuin parin kolmen ensimmäisen kentän ajan kun pelaaja saa kokeilla uusia aseita ja muita hauskoja härpäkkeitä. Loput pelistä sitten toistetaan samaa kaavaa ja kokovartalohaukotukset alkavat vavisuttaa niin ruumista kuin mieltäkin. Pienissä erissä homma tietty hoituu, mutta kyllä se enemmän työltä tuntuu kuin huvilta. Monty Pythonin ja muiden vastaavien faneille ehtaa brittikomediaa henkivät välivideot ovat varmasti riittävä syy pelaamiselle, muiden kannattanee ostamista harkita kahdesti jos ei nyt todella palavasti ole Serious Samin tasoista aivojumppaa vaille.
PC Action (Jan 30, 2004)
Wollten Sie schon immer mal eine Truppe Idioten befehligen? Leider will unser Chef seine Stelle nicht aufgeben, doch immerhin schlüpfen Sie bei Armed & Dangerous auch in die Rolle eines bemitleidenswerten Anführers. Mit den trotteligen Lionhearts machen Sie sich auf, um das allmächtige "Buch der Regeln" zu ergattern. Und wie das halt im Leben so ist, führt Ihr Doofbacken-Verein plötzlich eine Revolution an, die den fiesen König Forge zu Fall bringen soll. Das Abenteuer führt dabei durch 21 geradlinige Levels, die thematisch so ziemlich alles abdecken: Sie besuchen eiskalte Schneelandschaften, karge Felswelten, saftig grüne Wald-Levels und so weiter. Ihre Spielfigur steuern Sie dabei aus der Verfolgerperspektive, wobei auf Knopfdruck auch in die Ego-Sicht gewechselt wird.
Armed and Dangerous is een behoorlijk game, maar naar het einde toe ben je meer benieuwd naar het einde van het verhaal, dan naar nieuwe elementen in de gameplay. Liefhebbers van hectische shooters zullen hier hun ding wel vinden, maar voor de fans van arcadeachtige shooting-games zijn er betere alternatieven voor handen.
GameSpot (Dec 06, 2003)
Armed and Dangerous is the latest game from Planet Moon Studios, the company behind the goofy, imaginative, and well-received PC and PS2 shooter, Giants: Citizen Kabuto. Humor in games can be a pretty hit-and-miss affair, and while not every single joke in Giants was laugh-out-loud funny, it still managed to be a funny game without feeling fake or forced. Armed and Dangerous features the same humorous spirit as Giants while it also produces a fairly good--though somewhat simplistic--mission-based third-person shooter.
ActionTrip (Dec 08, 2003)
You could say that A&D has done most of the things right, apart from the core gameplay obviously. Though I liked the humor and cut-scenes a lot, I never cared too much for the in game action. It lacks more variety and more of that Planet Moon Studios trademark originality. I just felt like A&D was in many ways a dumbed down version of Giants. Lack of multiplayer and the relatively short single-player certainly don't do much good for the game's replay value, so the decision on whether or not you should buy Armed and Dangerous depends greatly on how much you like the style of humor that oozes from every pore of this title. That's pretty much the thing that kept me going throughout the game - whizzing through the action to get to the next awesome cut-scene.
PC Zone Benelux (Feb, 2004)
Al met al is A&D een aardige shooter, die door de matige graphics niet de status van PC Zone Benelux aanrader krijgt. De gameplay is over het algemeen redelijk sterk, maar wordt naarmate je meer missies speelt repetitief.
ESC Magazine (Jan 11, 2004)
Armed and Dangerous is really a one-trick pony: You have lots of firepower, a loose story drenched in a healthy layer of humor, and can provide all the action we could ever want in a video game. Still, when you take a step back and look at it, the game does get somewhat repetitive after hours of blowing up building after building and killing generic bad guy after generic bad guy. What helps the game in the long run is the quirky pop-culture-spoofing humor and the anticipation of what the Lionhearts will do next. Fans of action games, first-person shooters, and reflex-testing courses will love this game, while others might be turned off by the difficulty and redundant nature.
Have you played Giants yet? If not, go and get it before you even consider playing A&D. It's now on budget, so you've got no excuses. For Giants veterans, don't expect too much from A&D, as it isn't half as special as its precursor, but I would recommend playing it if only for the fantastic cutscenes.
GameStar (Germany) (Jan, 2004)
Wenn Sie geradlinigste Ballerkost lieben, wird Ihnen Armed & Dangerous gefallen. Viel mehr dürfen Sie allerdings nicht erwarten. Denn die Levels sind im Grunde austauschbar und bieten kaum Abwechslung. Lediglich die abgefahrenen Waffen machen eine Weile Spaß. Wenn mein Land-Hai sich durch die Gegnerreihen knabbert, muss ich breit grinsen. Und in den Zwischensequenzen stecken einige tolle Parodien bekannter Filmklassiker.
Game Revolution (Dec, 2003)
Armed and Dangerous has some funny moments and wild weapons, but it still can’t shake its straightforward gameplay. If you’re in the mood to just blow things up with no strings attached, this is the game for you, but more discerning gamers might be left wanting a little more.
Absolute Games ( (Dec 12, 2003)
Задания разнообразием не отличаются: убить всех; убить не всех, но добежать до точки L; спасти M крестьян (таская их за собой по воздуху на невидимом поводке); расстрелять из стационарной пушки N нападающих волн солдат короля. Перемешать в странной пропорции — и можно подавать на монитор. Странность заключается в скуке, которая наступает примерно к середине игры. Усугубляет ситуацию абсолютная несбалансированность оружия, в итоге 95% времени игрок волей-неволей вынужден обходиться стандартным автоматом с тысячей патронов на борту. Межуровневые ролики являются главным стимулом прохождения. К сожалению, качество видео подкачало. Но смеяться и, в отдельных случаях, ржать придется не раз.
Planet Moon’s Giants had the same problem, running out of steam long before it was over. But Giants had three distinct races to play and ambitious multiplayer support. There’s nothing like that here, and Armed and Dangerous peters out way too soon. It tips its hand early on with fun stuff like the Land Shark Gun and sticky grenades as in Halo. It’s a bit too selfish with the crazy weapons like the Guy Fawkes Traitor Bomb, the World’s Smallest Black Hole, and a corkscrew that literally turns the world upside down. Once you’ve seen all this, the last two thirds has a disappointing “is that all there is?” feeling. You’re eventually left without much to do besides lean on the Fire button and wait for tho next cut-scene.
CanardPC (Jan 14, 2004)
J'ai l'impression d'être un gros pisse-froid aigri en disant ça, mais Armed and Dangerous m'a gonflé rapidement. Pourtant, le scénario est tartiné d'humour, les persos sont bien crétins, les armes sont rigolotes et la réalisation est plus que correcte. Non franchement, si Planet Moon s'était un peu creusé pour varier le gameplay, ça aurait pu donner un grand jeu. Là, tout ce qu'on obtient est un jeu de shoot honnête, mignon, nerveux mais linéaire et répétitif jusqu'à en devenir lourdingue.
Armed & Dangerous erbjuder inga andra utmaningar än den att träffa alla monster, och det gör att stegringsmomentet, det som får pulsen att slå, försvinner. Ett bra actionspel måste vara dynamiskt och det har inte Planet Moon lyckats med. Oftast hamnar man i en serie identiska uppdrag av typen "rädda de oskyldiga byborna, förstör de markerade byggnaderna, rym genom stadsporten". Jag hade förväntat mig mer. Jag är ju obotligt förtjust i den här genren. Det är väl därför som jag trots allt har roligt så länge jag spelar.
60 (Feb 19, 2004)
Armed & Dangerous ne sera pas le successeur de Giants. S'il peut être très drôle par moments, les phases de jeu sont trop plates, manquent d'ambiance (et d'humour) et surtout se montrent trop limitées et répétitives. Le titre n'est qu'un shooter moyen, un tantinet rigolo, qu'on pourra essayer en occasion ou une fois que son prix aura baissé. A moins de 30 euros, on fera une affaire potable pour ce jeu pop-corn.
GameDaily (Dec 14, 2006)
When I wrote the preview for this game I was giddy with anticipation of what LucasArts and Planet Moon were going to bring us. Unfortunately, while it had all the potential in the world, it failed miserably to bring us what could have been a great comedic action shooter. It has a hilarious story with wonderful characters, but the lackluster graphics, twitchy gameplay and repetitive levels make this just another mediocre shooter. On the positive side, A&D can now take its place as the funniest game ever created.
GameSpy (Dec 16, 2003)
We expect nothing less than pure zaniness from Planet Moon Studios. In 2000, the developer unleashed Giants: Citizen Kabuto to the world. A combination shooter/RTS, Giants is best remembered for its bizarre imagery and daffy sense of humor. Imagine a cross between the old Warner Brothers cartoons, Monty Python's Flying Circus, King Kong, and a pro wrestling extravaganza. Now Planet Moon is back with Armed & Dangerous, a streamlined old-school action game that lacks the diversity of Giants but shares the same sense of silly fun. The only problem is that the fun grows old quickly because of the game's simple, repetitive levels.
Joystick (French) (Feb, 2004)
Armed and Dangerous est un petit jeu d'action sympa vendu trop cher. Il est assez difficile, mais trop court, et son humour ne plaira pas à tout le monde. De plus, malgré sa réussite technique, ce n'est pas une merveille graphique. Si vous êtes néanmoins intéressé, je vous conseille d'attendre soit une démo pour tâter le terrain, soit la version budget.