Army Ranger: Mogadishu Credits (Windows)

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Army Ranger: Mogadishu Credits

Jarhead Games

Executive ProducersRuss Bullock, Bryan Ekman
Project LeadBeau Brennen
Lead ProgrammerBeau Brennen
ProgrammingThomas Dziegielewski, Tim Aguilar
Art DirectorBryan Ekman
ArtAdam Cooper, Matthew Newman, Kamil Chojnacki
Additional ArtJennifer Yabuki, Jonathan Yao
AnimationStephen Vyas
Level DesignMike Forst, Brendan Albert
Sound EffectsSean Kolton
MusicBryan Youds
Voice ActorsMichael Richard Dobson, Abdiweli Omar
Story and ScriptBryan Ekman
Office AdministrationJorge Desjardins
Special Thanks toKaren Bullock (for their love and support), Grayson Bullock (for their love and support), Nasena Ekman, Hannah Ekman, Olivia Ekman, Kelly Ekman, Gordon Feil, Brandon Feil, Dawn Brennen, Janice Pors, Jenny Lau, The Big Guy, Beeboo, Cheeky, Mama, Tata and friends; closer than brothers, Ammie; John; James for their constant support, The Johanson family, Tatay and Gichan; we miss you, Petra the Super Alarm cat

Groove Games

PresidentJon Walsh
COOMichael James Haines
Executive Vice President, PublishingTrevor Fencott
ProducerChristopher Locke
Senior QANelson Pavao
QABenjamin Graner, Justin Kwok
Art DirectorMatthew Hollingshead
Operations ManagerBenjamin Huxley

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