Arthur's Knights: Tales of Chivalry Credits

A Cryo Production

ProducersJean-Martial Lefranc, Philippe Ulrich
Original Idea byNicolas Bonvalet, Eric Simon

Project Team

Project ManagementNils Veaux
Programming ManagementLionel Guillang
Artistic DirectionFlorence Lesaffre
Game DesignNicolas Bonvalet, Eric Simon
Additional Game DesignMonique Gabrielle Shrager
Graphical DesignJohn Mac Cambridge, Frédérick Pinasseau
ProgrammersDavid Taddei, Nicolas Pinon, Eleonore Brun
Additional ProgrammingToni Doublet
3D Animation & ModelingSohor Ty, Franck Sitbon, Daniel Tecquert, Antoine Tran, Maurice Changy, Alexandre Litchinko, Grégoire Valayer, Odile Saussard, Lakov Cassety, Hervé Castaing, Thomas Lefêvre, Jean Lamoureux, Sandrine Houallet, Mylène Bussy, Hiroji Yoshida, Hubert Szymczak, Thierry Carado, Thierry Roger, Gaëlle Delcourt, Wladimir Litchinko, Olivier Vernay-Kim, Jean Christophe Josroland, Jean Frechina, David Lecorvec
2D and Graphical Interface DesignHervé Castaing, Sophie Legrand
Special Effects DesignLakov Cassety
Story‑BoardingNicolas Hess
Additional 3D GraphsBerenice Adda, Vincent Arrouy, Florent Goy, Sebastien Pages, Steve Eskenderian
Additional Artistic DirectionHatem Benabdallah, Franck Letiec, Julien Roche, Grégoire Valayer
Sound Design (Creation and Management)Jean-Baptiste Merland, Monique Gabrielle Shrager, Sébastien Gaillard, Frederic Grably
TestOlivier Bailly, Frédérick Gaudel, Cédric Michéa, Jean-Luc Hadi
Original Music byEric Loshouarn
Historical Data Researched and Written byPierre-Henri Pevel


Production DirectorEric Mallet
Production ManagersBruno Galet, Stéphane Ressot, Romane Sarfati
Sound Studio Manager and DesignerJean-Baptiste Merland
Sound DesignerSébastien Gaillard
Localisation TeamFrédérique Faucher, Candice Pradeau
Test ManagerJean-Luc Hadi
TestersChristophe Monnerot, Cédric Michéa, Pascal Merckhoffer, Regis Lenoir, David Chiquet, Gregory Courdavault, Sylvain Poully, Deborah Sitbon
Technical DirectionPhilippe Aubessard
Programming DepartmentStéphane Petit, Olivier Carado, François Pierot
Graphics DepartmentPhilippe Lamoureux, Miguel Goncalves
Cryogen DepartmentBenoît Hozjan, Frédéric Jaume, Alexandre Macris, Olivier Nemoz, Pascal Urro
Technical Support ManagerDominique Roux
Technical Support TeamJean-Joseph Garcia, Fabrice Baumeister, Cédryck Poitelon


Marketing DirectorMichel Mimran
Assistant to Marketing DirectorMaryline Perrier
Brand ManagersMathieu Saint-Denis, Wilfrid Vinmer
Product ManagersPierre-Olivier Sales, Wandrille Pruvot
Assistants to Product Mgrs.Bertrand Blanchenay, Julien Levy
Public RelationsMelissa Conte, Nicolas Swiatek, Reflexion publique
Packaging DesignJosé Fouzar-Alcala, Isabelle Gibier, Odile Mousseau, Thomas Jardini


Worldwide Sales DirectorXavier Steeg
Export ManagerStéphane Grynszpan
Sales Coordination ManagerFrédérique Barkoff
French Sales TeamFranck Lalane, Frederic Bleu, Mélina Karamoh


Chief Executive OfficerJean-Martial Lefranc
Assistant to CEOCarole Barrue
Managing DirectorChristian D'Amecourt
Director of Finance  AdministrationPatrick Malka
AccountingAnne Legay, Fabienne Maillet
Legal and Licensing ManagerFrançois Breuillier
Human Resources DirectorMathieu Calmy
Assistants to Human Resources DirectorBeatrice Loriou, Si Jin
Purchasing ManagerCarine Lapouméroulie
Head of ManufacturingBastien Lepetit

Information Technology

IT DirectorPascal Anquetin
IT ManagerPhilippe Bitoun
Network AdministratorJean-Claude Ramsamy
Network TechniciansGauthier Mabille, Olivier Leroux
Technical MaintenanceBenoit Steff, Sidonie Mehenni
Video Studio ManagerThierry Miton

General Services

General ServicesMohamed Bouftane, Tahirou Timera
General Services (uncredited)Franck Carlier
Speical Thanks toThe Cryogen Team, Angel Bautista, Fabrice Bernard, François Bernard, Igor Borovikov, Mathieu Calmy, Jean Philippe Caillat, Patrick Caillat, Gabrielle Delis, Phillipe Dohr, Laurent Guerche, Harold Foster, Sylvie Girault, Christophe Haure-Place, Isabelle Kostyra, Philippe Lamoureux, Eric Mallet, Michel Mimran, Candice Pradeau, Bertrand Rothe, Laurent Rigal, Pierre Sidon, Éric Safar, Mathieu Saint-Denis, Rene Sollier, Greg Stafford

Swedish voice actors

Svenska skådespelareAlexander Skarsgård, Alexandra Rapaport, Annelie Berg, Ewamaria Björkström-Roos, Charlotte Ardai, Thomas Hanzon, Hans Lindgren, Per Sandborgh, Joakim Jennefors, Hasse Jonsson, Hans Wahlgren, Mattias Knave, Jan Nygren, Gunnar Ernblad, Andreas Nilsson, Nick Atkinson, Johan Hedenberg, mfl

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Credits for this game were contributed by Jeanne (75375) and Grov (646)