Asami's Sushi Shop Screenshots (Windows)

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Windows version

Main menu
Opening story
Game map
The store
Level 1-1. Your goal is 500 coins.
This is a dragon bonus. Swap it with another items and it will clear an entire row of sushi, in the direction of the line. The patron on the right is deciding and another left coins.
WOOSH! The patron on the right is ordering.
Level cleared!
Buying candy to appease impatient customers.
I now have candies to give away.
I opened a bag of coins in the board. I need to click the coins before they disappear.
A new type of customer, a peasant. He will not leave a large tip but he is patient.
I have a new decoration for my store.
We now have wasabi and that customer requests some.
A new type of customer, the monk.
The monk is ordering. The dragon bonus with the plus sign will clear a row and a column at the same time.
I have a luck cat and a patron wants one.
You can buy a new restaurant.
In your new restaurant.
Your first customer is a old lady.
There are more things to buy in the store.
A new customer, a law officer.
Learning to make a new sushi. The nori (seaweed sheet) is already on the malisu (bamboo mat).
First, place the sushi rice (shari) on the nori.
Now that the fish and avocado are in, it is time to roll everything up.
Slice it into nice even pieces.
Now, top with the garnish and you are done.
Lesson mastered!
You now have gari (sweet pickled ginger) to offer your customers.
When playing endless, you can play in any area you have been to so far.