Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood (Windows)

Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood Screenshots

Windows version

Title screen
The story starts right where Assassin's Creed II has ended
Ezio's romantic relationship
Action-packed horse-riding episode
Protecting Monteriggioni
Lucrezia and Cesare Borgia
Ezio visits the real Monteriggioni and starts seeing ghosts
Many finishing moves have been added to the game
Burning down the towers to diminish Borgia's influence over Rome
A view of the Roman Colosseum
New opponents include the Followers of Romulus
One of the hidden lairs
Ezio's new hideout
Fight Club minigame
This tab shows which areas have been freed from Borgia's control
Roman aqueduct
Many missions now require certain action to get 100% synchronization
Ambushed by the robbers. Behind Ezio you can see the entrance to the tunnel that allows fast travel through thy city
Playing a dice game in thieves' lair
Some soldiers carry guns now
Using the crossbow
A new method of going around the corners is introduced
The map is full of various icons
Recruits screen
Aided by my assassins in battle
One of the really stealthy missions
Leonardo Da Vinci will be helping Ezio again
Ezio is manning a machine gun. Seriously.
A recruit has become an assassin
Ezio's sister now holds a brothel
It's a new and convenient way to rich the rooftops
The highest point in Rome
Ezio invests in Rome's economy buying buildings and upgrading the shops
There's some kind of carnival
Ezio will even single-handedly fight Borgia's fleet
Fighting off the French
Operating a tank
Using the parachute
One of the training modes
Even cavalry will try to kill Ezio