Assassin's Creed III Screenshots (Windows)

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Windows version

Title screen
Desmond and Co.
Loading Screen
Connor's Trainer: An old man
DX11 Tessellation at work; footprints appear as Connor walks on mud
Connor overlooking at the frontier
Sneaking through a civil battle
With allies preparing for a battle
After killing a Main target; screen glitches
After blowing up few ships, Connor is back at the dock
At New York outskirt
Planning how to approach the redcoats
Building destruction; although not as good as in Battlefield
Mowing down enemies on ship
Classic climbing
with TXAA enabled in PC, the game looks sick
Inside Connor's manor
The menu, accessible in Connor's manor, is for managing supplies, crafting, sending trade caravans etc.
Sea battle
High sea at night
As usual, encyclopedia provides some historical facts
Connor's surreal experience
Optional mission in the northern seas
Optional mission in a seemingly abandoned manor
Davenport estate map
Playing one of gambling games
Ship upgrades menu
Map of the overworld with four major locations available
Boston streets
Boston harbor
Showing off on a horse
Engaged in a fight
Exploring the system of underground tunnels and passages
Weapon select menu
Spotted a deer in the wild
Killed a hare
Eagle vision
Attacking a caravan
Just a windmill on a cliff
Rainy day
A village in winter time
Knee-deep in snow
Multiplayer - main menu
Multiplayer - choose from a number of assassin models
Multiplayer maps are rather small segments of SP maps
Multiplayer -received a target to track down and kill