AssaultCube Credits (Windows)

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AssaultCube Credits

Rabid Viper Productions

Project LeaderAndrew Davis (as Andrew “Arghvark” Davis)
Game ConceptAndrew Davis (as Andrew “Arghvark” Davis)
CodeAndrew Davis (as Andrew “Arghvark” Davis)
Lead CoderAdrian Henke (as Adrian “driAn” Henke)
Lead artistMarkus Bekel (as Markus “makkE” Bekel)
ModelsMarkus Bekel (as Markus “makkE” Bekel), Shane Nieb
SkinsMarkus Bekel (as Markus “makkE” Bekel)
AnimationsMarkus Bekel (as Markus “makkE” Bekel)
MappingMarkus Bekel (as Markus “makkE” Bekel)
2d‑ArtMarkus Bekel (as Markus “makkE” Bekel)
some texturesMarkus Bekel (as Markus “makkE” Bekel)
SoundMarkus Bekel (as Markus “makkE” Bekel)
QAElliot Lockwood (as Elliot “Verbal_” Lockwood)
AdvisorElliot Lockwood (as Elliot “Verbal_” Lockwood)
Lead TesterElliot Lockwood (as Elliot “Verbal_” Lockwood)
pro‑coffee serviceElliot Lockwood (as Elliot “Verbal_” Lockwood)
CoderLee Salzman (as Lee “eihrul” Salzman)
Enet LibraryLee Salzman (as Lee “eihrul” Salzman)
Cube2 backportingLee Salzman (as Lee “eihrul” Salzman)

Thanks to

The Cube Game/EngineWouter van Oortmessen (as Wouter “Aardappel” van Oortmerssen), and others
Bot CodeRick Helmus
Laptop Model, CompanyPaul Cash (as Paul “JCDPC” Cash)
SoundtrackDietmar Pier (as Dietmar “DCP” Pier)
HostingZac Jarco (as Zac “dtd” Jarco)
Packaging AssaultCube for MacJulian Mayer (as Julian “absinth” Mayer)
Bug fixesac_stef
Testingkurtis84, player1, quase, exis, talou
Thanks for organising the AssaultCube Release Cupflowtron, exis

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