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Astérix & Obélix XXL 2: Mission: Las Vegum (Windows)

100 point score based on reviews from various critics.
5 point score based on user ratings.

Astérix & Obélix XXL 2: Mission: Las Vegum Credits

ATARI Europe

Chairman & COOJean-Michel Perbet
Senior VP EuropeYves Blehaut
Senior VP of International OperationsJean-Marcel Nicolaï

Entranges Libellules

Game DirectorMarc Dutriez
Executive ProducersEdith Protiere, Jean-Marie Nazaret
Special EffectsNicolas Blanc
Sound EffectsThomas Mitton
Technical SupportSylvain David
Engine TesterEmmanuel Moiroux
Qualitative TestersAchille Nazaret, Théo Blanc, Roman Boucher, Tommy Boucher, Nikita Ailloux, Thomas Charvet, Alex Gehrig, Robin Verdier, Iounès Disdier, Baptiste Rivoire, Paul Herbeau, Julie Herbeau, Nicolas Nieddu
AdministrationHervé Fauchet
Voice RecordingAnatole, KBP
Original French VoicesRoger Carel, Pierre Tornade, Damien Laquet, Jean-Claude Mercier, Jacques Chambo, Thierry Buenafuente
Special ThanksGuillaume Barry, Xavier Banteignie, Sophie Ayraud, Tristan Michel, Sylvain Ollier, Nicolas Gomez, Julien Akita, Jean-Michel Borne, Thierry Cottin-Bizonne, Les Editions Albert René, Monique Escortell, Bernard de Choisy, Régis Marsac, Le Musée Gallo-romain Fourvière, Christian Thioc, Criterion, Jerome Banal, Valentin Cade, Pierre-Emmanuel Chaut, Graham Dunnet, Oskar Guilbert, Alistair Milne, François Millet, Christophe Reyes, Metrowerks, Thierry Giraud

Game Design & Gameplay Programming

Lead DesignerMarc Dutriez
DesignersChristophe Vercruysse, Mathieu Akita, Gauthier Roussel, Thomas Boissier, Michaël Bolufer, Vincent Ravier
Scenario & DialoguesNicolas Pothier

Programming (Engine & Tools Programming)

Lead EngineersFrançois Jean, Guillaume Blanc
EngineersDomenico Albani, Cédric Dodard, Yann Richard, Mathieu Fremont

Game Programming

Lead EngineersBenjamin Hervé, Sylvain Béen
EngineersXavier Crespo, Sylvain Passot, Maxime Rollet, Cyril Aymard, Alexandre Assier, Aurélien Kerbeci


Lead ArtistsJean Christophe Blanc, Frederique Blanc
ArtistsDavid Cros, David Di Giacomo, Thomas Girard, Fabrice Giraud, Yannick Gombart, Aimé Jalon, Catherine Fusier, Emilie Anthouard, Pierre-Henry Laporterie, Antek, Abyss‑Lights Druhva Interactive, Art‑Coding

Characters' Modelling & Animation Cinematics

Lead ArtistBenjamin Fleury
ArtistsLaurent Dury, Emeline Mazallon, Sarah Mercier, Anatole Huynh, Emmanuel Linderer, Christophe Brugal, Wladimir Larrame, Alain Maindron, Jean-marc Van-Den-Broek, Teddy Chauveau, Mathieu Akita, Clément Savoyat, Tom Hermes
Cinematics ScreenplayHervé Masseron

Republishing Team

Localisation Team LeaderLudovic Bony
Localisation Project ManagerSophie Barnaud, Karine Vallet
Publishing ManagerSébastien Aprikian
Localisation Technical ConsultantStéphane Zaouak
Printed Materials Team LeaderCaroline Fauchille
Printed Materials Project ManagerSandrine Dubois
Copy WriterVincent Hattenberger
MAM Project ManagerJenny Clark

Manufacturing/Supply Chain

Director Supply ChainAlain Fourcaud
Manufacturing CoordinatorsMike Shaw, Jean Grenouiller

Game Evaluation Team

Game Evaluation & Consulting ManagerDominique Morel
Evaluation & ConsultingJean-Yves Lapasset

Quality Assurance Team

Quality DirectorLewis Glover
Quality Control Project ManagerVincent Laloy
Certification Project ManagerLisa Gaillard
Engineering Services ManagerPhilippe Louvet
Engineering Services ExpertStéphane Entéric, Emeric Polin

Marketing Team

European Marketing DirectorCyril Voiron
European Group Product ManagerLisa Humphries
European Product ManagerMathieu Piau
European Communcations ManagerJohn Tyrrell
European Communications ExecutiveAlistair Hatch
European Web ManagerRenaud Marin
Market Research AnalystEric Degrois
European Brand ManagerLionel Arnaud

Local Marketing Teams

AustraliaRaelene Knowles
BeneluxSimone Goudsmit
FranceLionel Arnaud
GermanyJens Hofmann
GreeceSpyros Stanistas
IbericaLaura Aznar Bertran
ItalyAndrea Loiudice
IsraelNoam Weisberg
NordicNikke Lindner
SwitzerlandSimon Stratton
United KingdomBen Walker

Special Thanks to

Special Thanks toRelQ, Balaji, Swetha, Stéphanie Sieker (Absolute quality), Take Off, Nick Underwood (KBP), Astrid Frostbauer (KBP)
Atari thanks everyone that has "unwillingly" particpated in the development of this gameespecially all those mimiced celebrities

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Credits for this game were contributed by Sicarius (61028)