Written by  :  Ben P (2)
Written on  :  Feb 20, 2003

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Great Game, IF you Like Aviation

The Good

The scope is almost exactly how a real ARTS scope is (there is a picture of one compared to the game at www.atcsimtech.com). All procedures are just like they are in real life.

The Bad

Setting up the speech recognition is a little complicated. You must go into a lexdlg program and edit every word that the program isn't recognizing individually. But what better support can you get? You go to the forum for the game and the creator, Russell B. Davis, responds to your questions. He also has commented that in Version 2 he will try to make setup much simpler.

The Bottom Line

This game is for people who are familiar with the ATC system and know how it works, and how to use it. If you do, you will find this game very realistic and enjoyable. Others, like in previous reviews, will find this game very difficult and hard to grasp. You actually have to turn out the lights to see the scope - just like in real life (TRACON rooms are kept almost pitch black). For users wishing not to do this, there is a bright, arcade style mode of playing. I would recommend to anyone wanting to use speech recognition that buy a headset with a mic and an in-line on/off switch. Looking forward to Version 2!