Atlantic Quest Screenshots (Windows)

User Screenshots

Windows version

Loading screen
Main menu
Opening story
Game On!
I cleared some items.
You Win! Level stats
You got a trophy.
This level has orange pearls that, if collected, will give me the use of the clownfish extra.
I can use the clownfish and there is a bomb in the upper left corner.
The bomb went BOOM!
Using the clownfish extra. If I collect the green pearl, I will have the octopus extra.
Using the octopus extra.
The seabed map.
My trophy collection.
Using the shark extra.
Stones block your path.
I used the crab extra.
We have reached a bonus game. A puzzle.
I need to swap pieces to make the puzzle look like the picture at the bottom.
You have cleared that area of the seabed.
The first level of Jellyfish.
I have all bonuses available at the bottom.
Clearing items with the chain style.
The next picture puzzle.