Atlantis: Evolution Credits (Windows)

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Atlantis: Evolution Credits


President & CEORichard Wah Kan
Managing Director ‑ EuropeOlivier Pierre
Executive ProducerRobert Stevenson
ProducerLuc Verdier
Lead Product Marketing Manager - EuropeLorraine Lue
Product Manager - North AmericaRenata Richardson
Product Manager ‑ FranceJulien Levy
Product Manager ‑ GermanyChristian Streil
Creative DirectorDesmond Oku
Graphics ManagementJames Meecham, Odile Mousseau
Graphic Design and LayoutElizabeth Petzold
PR CoordinatorTara Reed
PR Manager ‑ FranceNicolas Swiatek
PR Assistant ‑ EuropeMaryline Perrier
Voice Casting and DirectingMike Adams, Carmen Guerrieri, Renata Richardson
StudioCherry Beach Sound
Voice TalentAndria Barret, Stacey Bernstein, Rick Bursey, David Crichton, Shawn Collins, Steve Dame, Daniel Davies, Kim Godfrey, Carmen Guerrieri, Inaam Haq, Tim Keele, Joanne Rufiange, Melanie Saunders, Todd Schick, Tim Tevlin
Localization ProductionRay Baun, Christine Gervillié
QA ManagerMike Adams
QA LeadDan Dawang
Tester ‑ FunctionalChris Elliott, Anthony Finelli, Ryan Gavel, Vasso T. Kontoulis, Suzanne MacGillivray, Chantal Mauro, Krystal Moon, Chris Nesbitt, Adrian Miller, Daniel Torreblanca
Testing ‑ CompatibilityEnzyme Testing Labs
Legal AffairsLeslie Rosenthal, François Breuillier
WebsiteBarry Lachapelle, Eric Connille
MusicPierre Estève

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