Written by  :  Hadanite Marasek (29)
Written on  :  Oct 23, 2002
Platform  :  Windows
Rating  :  4 Stars4 Stars4 Stars4 Stars4 Stars
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Suffers from the "Cryo Syndrome"

The Good

The graphics were marvellous at the time the game was released, and they were beautiful too. The music perfectly fitted into the mystical setting, sometimes I just replayed certain sequences just to listen to the music - up to the point I heard about the official soundtrack and bought it.

The Bad

The gameplay was crap, reduced to "click on the right section in the screen at the right time" most of the game. Some of the riddles where just plain illogical, so most of the time I died, reloaded, tried another possibility, died again, tried again and so on until I survived. I found the voice acting and the dialoges to be ok, but the characters of the game - well, they did not look as good as their environment. Let me be more specific: they just looked ugly.

The Bottom Line

Atlantis is a wonderful, if not beautiful game with marvellous graphics and sound. But it suffers from the "Cryo Syndrome", meaning that the game looks nice and has a below average gameplay. At least Atlantis is one of the better Cryo titles, so I can still recommend it - to a patient player.