Attack on Pearl Harbor Credits

3DPeople S.R.O. & 3Division S.R.O.

Developed by3DPeople S.R.O. & 3Division S.R.O.
Project ManagerPéter Nagy
Lead ProgrammerPeter Adamčík
Graphics ArtistsŠimon Mészáros, Peter Sviantek, Martin Miklica, Peter Adamčík
Additional GraphicsVladimír Roth
Additional ProgrammingŠtefan Sinčák
Game DesignInternational Hobo
International Hobo TeamChris Bateman, Neil Bundy
Sound EffectsClockwork Production, Sean Kolton

Legendo Entertainment AG

Publishing, Production & Additional DevelopmentLegendo Entertainment AB []
Game Concept & IdeaBjörn Larsson
External ProducerBjörn Larsson
Programming ConsultantThomasz Zieliński
Additional Network ProgrammingMats Höjlund
MusicPierre Gerwig Langer, Alexander Röder
Additional Sound EffectsAlexander Röder
Music SupervisorBjörn Larsson
Comics & CharactersJoe Sharp, Rob Sharp
Comics WritersJames Birrel, Martin Korda
Voice ActorsIan James Corlett (US Pilot), Masa Kanome (Japanese Pilot), Madison Learik (US Nurse)
CastingEric Simendinger (, Björn Larsson
Interface & HUDBjörn Larsson
Additional Textures & 2D ArtJoe Sharp, Rob Sharp
Server ManagementHenrik Blomgren
Logo DesignJoseph Watson, Björn Larsson
Cover IllustrationJoe Sharp, Rob Sharp
Cover Design & Creative PrintBjörn Larsson
Attack on Pearl Harbor WebsiteBjörn Larsson, Bobo Simonak
Public RelationsDominic Holmboe
Testing & QASimon Vincent, Carl-Henrik Wetterqvist
LicensingBjörn Larsson, Henrik Blomgren
Business DevelopmentBjörn Larsson, Henrik Blomgren
Publishing DirectorBjörn Larsson
Executive ProducerBjörn Larsson
Special Thanks toErik Möller, Ronnie Klevbrant, Scott A. Steinberg, Johan Roos, Henrik Roos, Grzegorz Baran

CDV Software Entertainment USA

North American DistributionCDV Software Entertainment USA []
PresidentTom Gross
CEOTom Gross
Director of Public RelationsMario Kroll
Director of MarketingMario Kroll
QA ManagerDavid Green
Customer Service ManagerDavid Green
Marketing ManagerPhillip Hall
Production ManagerPhillip Hall
Associate ProducerMatthias Siedlaczek (Sidi)
Office ManagerBarbara Wendel
Web SupportChris Ashton
Public Relations Account ManagerTed Brockwood (Calico Medi)
Print Advertising and Additional Graphic Designfactor[e] design initiative
Media Planning and Advertising PlacementTangibleMedia
Special Thanks toWilliam Smeed (and the CDV English Language Forum Moderators), Stephen Poole, Michael Eckenfels, Sara [and the Antec Team], Nvidia, Sandra [and AMD/ATI], Claudina [and team at Alienware], Michael [of MMPR], Kate [of MMPR], Staff of the Vignette Restaurant and Snafu's, The Orchard [San Francisco], Roger Smith Hotels [New York City], Our friends and families

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Credits for this game were contributed by Patrick Bregger (198868)