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Nordic Games GmbH product page:
    Awakened from an unconcsious slumber, you find yourself alone in a strange, dark and unwelcoming world. Clutched in your hand are a series of rings - the sacred rings. These all-powerful artifacts have the ability to endow unlimited power and immortailty on their possessor. You quickly realise that a rival clan has tracked you down and will try to steal these rings by all means necessary in order to use them for their own wicked purposes. As Umang, you must protect the sacred rings and return them to the Keepers - the only clan capable of controlling its powers and safeguarding them from evil.
    In this timeless tale of good versus evil, start your journey of exploration into magical landsfilled with astonishing magic, mechanical wonders, and hidden realities. The fate of the ages is in your hands...

    • Contains Aura I "Fate of the Ages" and Aura II "The Sacred Rings"
    • Numerous unique and creative puzzles to challenge you.
    • Enjoy a cinematic experience with more than 40 minutes of incredible cut-scenes.
    • Open new doors to enchanted parallel universes
    • Explore 4 distinct realities of unimaginable beuaty
    • Travel on fantastical vessels
    • Interact with a vast and interesting cast of characters
    • Solve puzzles indigenous to the many envrionments

    Contributed by Jeanne (76520) on Sep 17, 2012.