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7Wolf Magazine (Feb 07, 2003)
Одним словом, хорошая находка для всех, кто любит пинбол, здоровый юмор и Остина Пауэрса - человека-загадку, покорившего весь мир.
While an Austin Powers pinball game has the potential to be fantastic, this attempt sorely misses the mark. Specifically, it is let down in the area that matters most in pinball sims - physics.
PC Gamer (2002)
APP isn’t horrible, but there’s not much flipper action here. At best, it’s a momentary party diversion; not even the Mini-Me price makes it worthwhile.
GameZone (Feb 08, 2003)
I was disappointed, and that is being kind. I am a pinball fan, and an Austin Powers fan. With this title, I couldn't lose, right? Well, I did. It was a chore to play, and that was a shame. There is so much that could be done with this franchise, but nothing clever was attempted. Their intention was to leave it as a traditional and authentic pinball experience, but it did not hit that mark. I am a big believer in keeping it simple, but when you do that, the pressure is on even more. When you take a basic game and keep it that way, you must make sure it works as it should. This game did not. I could learn to tolerate the annoying scrolling, but the flipper controls and poor sound just made it an empty experience. I think they should have changed the name on this one. It is less like something "Austin Powers", and more like something from Dr. Evil.... emphasis on the Evil.