Written by  :  PCGamer77 (3236)
Written on  :  Mar 14, 2002
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It's not as bad as you've heard--it's worse.

The Good

Looks kind of pretty, what with its Gilded Age trappings, colored maps, and digitized diplomats. Nice manual covers all you need to know--should you be forced to play this terrible game at gunpoint.

The Bad

Almost everything else. The interface is absolutely atrocious in its clunkiness, surpassing previous Hasbro Interactive titles like Risk and Axis & Allies for sheer user unfriendliness. The tutorial is broken. The AI opponents are reportedly weak, but it is difficult to measure them since it is nigh-on-impossible to even play the game. Diplomats dart in and out of chat rooms before you have the chance to join them, and they seem not to want to come talk to you at all. The system for building offer statements is too slow for the (accelerated) real-time negotiations. To sum up: I hate this game and it hates me.

The Bottom Line

This game is completely unworthy of the Avalon Hill and MicroProse names. Don't buy it.