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Avencast: Rise of the Mage (Windows)

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Avencast: Rise of the Mage Credits

ClockStone Software GmbH

Concept & GamedesignMinh Tri Do Dinh, Marco Gallop, Matthias Hilke, Marcel Ritter, Michael Schiestl, Alexander Senfter, Stephan Sossau
Executive DirectorMichael Schiestl
Additional ProgrammingJan Wosnitza, Wolfgang Senfter, Stephan Prohaszka
Project ManagmentMatthias Hilke
Lead ArtistStephan Sossau
ArtistsMarcel Ritter, Alexander Senfter
Lead AnimationMinh Tri Do Dinh
Additional AnimationScott Gibbons, Matthias Hilke, Alexander Senfter, Marcel Ritter
In‑Game SequencesErwin Feyersinger
Music & AtmosphereLüder Lindau (Producer)
Sound FXMax Stroka, Roman Schönbichler, Maximilian Stroka
Lead ProgrammingMichael Schiestl
Concept ArtStephan Sossau
3D ArtMarcel Ritter, Alexander Senfter, Stephan Sossau, Christoph Sitar, Sandra Naschberger
Texture ArtMarcel Ritter, Alexander Senfter, Stephan Sossau
2D Art & Box Art Marcel Ritter, Alexander Senfter, Stephan Sossau
Lead Visual FXMichael Linser
Preliminary Visual FXMinh Tri Do Dinh
Shader ProgrammingJan Wosnitza
Level Design & EditingMarco Gallop, Matthias Hilke, Marcel Ritter, Stephan Sossau, Scott Gibbons, Michael Linser, Alexander Senfter, Michael Stuchlik
2D Sequences ConceptMarco Gallop
2D Sequences RealistationMatthias Hilke
2D Sequences ArtRomed Imler
2D Sequences Pre‑AnimationRomed Imler
2D Sequences FX & AnimationChristoph Sitar
2D Sequences TextMatthias Hilke, Veronika Sossau
Logo AnimationChristoph Sitar, Michael J. Jungwirth, Sandra Naschberger, Stephan Sossau
Music & Sound DirectorMaximilian Stroka
Sound ProgrammingWolfgang Senfter
AIMinh Tri Do Dinh
Quest IdeaMarco Gallop
Quest ConceptMarco Gallop, Matthias Hilke
Quest RealisationMatthias Hilke, Veronika Sossau
Quest TextVeronika Sossau
Quest ScriptingJan Wosnitza
Preliminary & Additional ScriptingMarcel Ritter, Minh Tri Do Dinh, Gunther Bergauer, Harald Kapferer
StoryMarco Gallop
Story RevisionMatthias Hilke, Veronika Sossau
Additional StorySebastian Schuler, Veronika Sossau
Dialogue & TextVeronika Sossau
BalancingHelmut Duregger, Bernd Preiser, Hannes Leimer, Wolfgang Leimer, Marco Gallop, Michael Byrne
QA & Testing CoordinationMatthias Hilke, Michael Schiestl, Martin Auer
Internal TestingMartin Auper, Michael Byrne, Alexander Gruber, Marion Kaufer, Andreas Schmid
External TestingGunther Bergauer, Carmen Brenner, Jörg Delle-Karth, Fabian Gapp, Martin Heinz, Martin Holzhammer, Klaus Huber, Harald Kapferer, Anna Maier, Andreas Matt, Thomas Matt, Christian Meisinger, Herbert Mitterbauer, Johannes Rohrauer, Klaus Torggler, Armin Villgrattner
Web TeamBernd Baumgartner, Robi Hammerle, Hors Lösch, Stefanie Pörnbacher

Mischling audioproduktion

Music Production & Environment StudiesLüder Lindau

Upperception Sounds

Sound FXRoman Schönbichler

Sparking Entertainment

German Dialogue Lead RecordingRené Hintz
German Dialogue DirectorRené Hintz, Daniel Käser
German Dialogue Sound EngineeringDaniel Käser

Lighthouse Interactive Game Publishing B.V.

CEOErik Schreuder
Vice President Business DevelopmentSteve Wall
Global Marketing DirectorLorraine Lue
Development Manager / European Public RelationsRaymond Snippe
Associate ProducerAllison Skerl
Product ManagerBas Roestenberg
Public Relations AssistantTamara Robeer
Marketing AssistantTamara Robeer
Country Manager UKHoward Newmark
Art DirectorMichael van Zijl
Associate Graphic DesignerMandy van der Ree
Game TestersAngelique Houtveen, Melissa Meeuwsen, Twan Mul, Allison Skerl
North American Public Relations AgencyMichael Meyers Public Relations
Thanks toall our relatives and friends for their support and patience.



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