Azangara Screenshots (Windows)

User Screenshots

Windows version

Main Menu
Your path in the game
Help Screen
The beginning of the tutorial
Your hero finally starts the game
Monsters in your way sometimes do not let you collect diamonds!
In the yellow castle you make a combo by collecting lots of diamonds at one time!
Sometimes an item you take can make you invisible, in blue!
Just took the wrong item! Somebody please turn this off!
Another effect of one of the items you take in the game - your hero in close shot!
There are dark areas in the game - you need the torch in front of you for the light.
Got the torch! What next?
In the final castle, the game becomes more difficult
Trying to reach the exit in blue castle
One of the bonus levels - lots of diamonds to collect!
Our hero reaches the exit in the first green castle!
High Scores Screen for the green castle