Aztec Wars Screenshots (Windows)

User Screenshots

Windows version

The first menu. If you have a non-standard drive configuration, this is as far as you get (CD = D:\ is hard coded).
Intro: an Aztec warlord decides to take over the world because why the hell not.
Entering a new player. (Polish)
Our wonderful campaign with inventive mission names. (Polish)
The stand-alone missions. (Polish)
Guess what. Loading.
Training mission for the Aztecs... (Polish)
...for my favorite Chinese... (Polish)
...and the dirty commies. I mean, Russes. All three missions start you with some undeveloped settlements. (Polish)
Said settlements are built up into Villages, Cities or Fortresses. Here we see a City. (Polish)
Setting up a farm in a Village.
A lone soldier on a recon mission. (Polish)
We are not alone in the universe. (Polish)
But with an army this strong, we'll soon be. (Polish)
Captured a Chinese settlement, and now we can build Chinese units. (Polish)
A Chinese city in the Russes' control.
Hi! We're cannons! Just visiting. Don't mind us. (Polish)
Oops. The Polish translation isn't perfect, there are some English and German bits inexplicably left in visible places - such as names of units and buildings.
Our amazingly multi-cultural army.
Said amazingly multi-cultural army vs. some kitties.
Victory. (Polish)
Intro to the 1st campaign mission. The second monstrosity from the right is our protagonist.
Pre-mission screen. This is still the Polish version of the game.
With some orders for flavor... (Polish)
Mission objectives. (Polish)
And our hero's diary. (Polish)
Beginning of mission one.
Defend yourself against some Aztecs.
These ferries transport your troops. (Polish)
Attacking some neutral settlements (?!) in mission two.