Babaliba Credits (Windows)

Babaliba Windows Start screen


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Babaliba Credits

Programa original (Original program) - (c) Dinamic Software 1984

Programa (Program)Víctor Ruiz Tejedor
Screen carga (Loading screen)Víctor Ruiz Tejedor, Luis Rodríguez Soler
Música (Music)Luis Rodríguez Soler, Santiago Morga B., Víctor Ruiz Tejedor

Remake - Compiler Software 2005

Programa (Program)Miguel A. García Prada
Gráficos (Graphics)Davit Masia Coscollar
Música (Music)Federico J. Álvarez Valero
FXFederico J. Álvarez Valero
BetatestersPedro J. De Celis Benito, Federico J. Álvarez Valero, Davit Masia Coscollar, Miguel A. García Prada

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Credits for this game were contributed by Macs Black (80156)