Bad Mojo: Redux Screenshots (Windows)

User Screenshots

Windows version

Menu Screen
Shady Character.
Magic Locket.
Our hero
Always good to get an aerial view of the level.
Look for bridges or ladders.
Critters hanging around offer insight when your roach hits the eye icon.
In-game movies offer clues and forward the story.
Passing the matchbox.
Don't get stuck in liquids for too long or you will die.
Looking for a vantage point of the room.
This power outlet is live, watch your... threads.
An unlucky comrade in arms.
Climbing the pile of newspapers.
Inside the TV.
Look for connected surfaces when climbing to reach your destination as you cannot jump over any holes.
Pushing the sleeping pill into the can.
This guy has no idea you dropped the sleeping pill into his drink.
Sewage pipe is your crossroad between rooms.
Being a cockroach gives you insight in all those details one might miss as a human.
Getting the better view of the bathroom.