Bad Mojo Credits (Windows)

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Bad Mojo Credits


The PlayersJoe Akin (Bully), Deborah A. Alexander (Nurse), Josh Bin (Adolescent Roger), Jane Carmichael (Nun), Franz the Cat, Joe Covino Jr. (Boxer), Mike Gilliam (Eddie), Jack Gorry (Mobster), Igor Hiller (Young Roger), Elizabeth Simon (Dr. Roberta Michaelson), Gerald Simon (The Obstetrician), Michael Sommers (Roger and Young Eddie), Susan Volkan (Angelina and The Oracle), Michael Zebulon (Principal)
Story, Characters and Game DesignVincent Carrella, Phill Simon
Original ConceptVincent Carrella, Drew Huffman, Bill Zettler
Executive ProducersDrew Huffman, Bill Woodward
Executive in charge of ProductionDrew Huffman
Produced byPhill Simon
Written and Directed byVincent Carrella
Art DirectorLawrence Chandler
Art Director/Special SequencesCharles Rose
Co‑ProducerAlex Louie
Production ManagerJonathon Fishman
3D Technical DirectorDan Meblin
Video Technical DirectorAaron Strain
PC EngineerBob Brahms
Macintosh EngineerChuck Blanchard, Tom DiZoglio
Engineering Technical DirectorYoung Harvill
Original Score and Ambient SoundPeter Stone
Audio EngineerBill Preder
Director of Finance and OperationsErin-Anne Manning
2D Design, paint, logos & LightingJonny Belt
3D Modelling/animation & still photographyDann Tarmy
2D design & compositionHugh Howie
Conceptualdesign & storyboardsEnrique Rivera Vega
Topology paintingAnne Gerow
3D Modelling, 2 & 3D AnimationBrian Pope
Gaffer & special lighting effectsDarrell Flowers
Set design & fabricationJean-Francois Reven
Costumes & make-upWendy Jill York
Hi‑Res 3D roach modelGregory Smith
2D logo designDenise Prichard
2D compositionElise Baldwin
2D composition & designChristina Kane
3D ModellingJennifer Petkus
Sound processingJeff Essex
Package / Manual designDane Howard
Special Thanks ToRich Bean, Leigh Blicher, Jay Bradley, Alan Brite, Joseph Campbell, Paul Charlton, Joe Crowley, Joe DiZoglio, Eva Forberger, Doug Freeman, Roger Hagen, Karen Hall, Edgar Harris, Alex Harvill, Demian Harvill, Young Harvill, Dane Howard, John Huffman, Roger Jones, Franz Kafka, Andy Kessler, Suki Kintner (the pin-up exterminator), Jim Lanahan, Victoria Lockhart, Jim Ludtke, Don Marquis, Jon Middleton, Mike Morgan, Chad Nelson, J. A. Nelson, Tom Peterson, Brian Pope, Carlos Ramos, Byron Reid, Peter Stone, Rhonda Stratton, Tom Turpin, Richard Winter, Bill Woodward, Connie Zugelder

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