How to learn more spells than allowed by your IN score.Contributed by Entorphane (375) on Apr 24, 2002.

A mage can only have a certain number of spells of any given level in his spell book. The number of spells he can know is determined by his intelligence score. For example, a mage with an intelligence of 15 can learn a maximum of 11 spells of any given level.

But what if he already has 11 3rd level spells scribed in his spell book, and really wants to learn a few more? Simply take a 'Potion of Genius', or use some other similar magic to temporarily raise his intelligence score. He is now able to learn as many spells per level as allowed by his new, temporary score. (As an added bonus, the higher intelligence score will also make it easier to learn a new spell successfully.) Once the potion wears off, the newly learned spells will remain in the characters spell book permanently.

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