Use 'Stoneskin' and 'Iron Skins' more effectively.Contributed by Entorphane (375) on Apr 24, 2002.

The spells 'Stoneskin' (4th Level Wizard spell) and 'Iron Skins' (5th Level Druid spell) both have similar functions in that they provide the caster with a protective magical skin for the spells duration. Both spells last a full 12 hours of game time. If you know that you are about to enter a difficult battle, you can enjoy the benefits of these spells without having to sacrifice a 4th or 5th level combat spell to memorize them.

Have your Druid cast 'Stoneskin' on herself. Now erase that spell from her spells to be memorized and replace it with something more useful in combat. Then rest to memorize spells. Resting only takes 8 hours of game time, leaving you a full 4 hours of protection from the 'Stoneskin' spell, and a fresh spell to cast where that 'Stoneskin's' shadow would have been.

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