CheatsContributed by Ryan Prendiville (703) on Dec 31, 2000.

First, you need to find the baldur.ini file. It shouls be in the directory that you installed Baldur's Gate II under. Open it with notepad. Under [Program Options], add this line:

Debug Mode=1

Save it, then start up the game. Now while playing, you can bring up the console by hitting CTRL + SPACE. Then type in any of these codes:

CLUAConsole:SetCurrentXP(#) -- Gives experience points. Enter a number 1 to 2,950,000 where the number is. No commas.

CLUAConsole:AddGold(#) -- Same but with gold.

CLUAAConsole:ExploreArea() --Shows the entire map of wherever your current location is. Nothing needs to be put between the parenthesis.

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