Custom PortraitsContributed by Giu's Brain (543) on Oct 23, 2012.

You can use custom portraits for your character(s) in Baldur's Gate. Any custom portraits you use must be placed inside the "Portraits" folder of the game directory (ex. C:\Games\Baldur's Gate\Portraits). If the "Portraits" folder does not exist, you can create it yourself.

You will need two versions of the portrait: a large version, 110x170 pixels, in 24-bit BMP format and a small version, 38x60 pixels, in 24-bit BMP format.

Once you have placed the two files in the appropriate folder, you can use your new portrait in-game by pressing "Custom" when choosing your character's appearance and then selecting the two files.

If your version of the game does not display the custom portrait, you can try using file names that end in L for the large portrait (ex. portraitL.bmp) and in S for the small portrait (ex. portraitS.bmp). Also, you may have to save the small portrait as an 8-bit BMP file, instead of 24-bit.

In multiplayer games, all the players must have a copy of the custom portrait files in their "Portraits" folder; if they don't, they will see a blank portrait where the other player's custom portrait would appear.

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