Ball Breakers Credits

Designed and Developed by Lost Toys

Project LeadJeremy Longley
Lead ProgrammerJeremy Longley
Lead ArtistDarren Thomas
Lead DesignerAlex Trowers
ProgrammingGlenn Corpes, Damian Stones, Stuart Gillam
ArtMark Pitcher, Jolyon Kemp
Additional ArtChris Hill, James C. Boty, Axis Animation
MusicJames Hannigan
Sound EffectsRichard Joseph
Samples courtesy ofSpectrasonic's Distorted Reality 2
Special Thanks toLes Edgar, Audrey Adams, John Cook, Alison Beasley
Thanks toMark Adami, Ben Board, Mark Feldman, Simon Handby, Findlay McGechie, A. D. Moore, Morten Pedersen, Richard Reed, Bjarne Rene, Andrew Trowers, Mike Man, Larabie Fonts, Shaen Dobson, Mark Lambert, Tim Howarth, Mike Pawley, Imran at KFC
Thanks also toall those on GGDev

Broadsword Interactive

PC ProgrammingJohn Jones-Steele, Andrew Evans
Additional PC ProgrammingAnthony Dunn
ManagementJohn Jones-Steele, David Rowe

Take 2 Interactive UK

ProducerLuke Vernon
Assistant ProducerLee Brown
UK PR ManagerAmy Curtin
UK Marketing ManagerRachel England-Brassy
International Marketing ManagerSarah Seaby
Group Production ManagerJon Broadbridge
Group Production Co‑ordinatorChris Madgwick
Technical Services ManagerSajjad Majid

Tarantula Studios (QA HQ)

QA ManagerMark Lloyd
Lead TestersCharlie Kinloch, Denby Grace
TestersPaul Byers, Andrew Mason, Kevin Hobson, Julian Turner, Chris Brown, Lee Johnson, Matthew Hewitt, James Cree, William Kirton, Timothy Bates, Robert Dunkin, Philip Alexander

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Credits for this game were contributed by Kabushi (189763)