The Ball Credits (Windows)

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The Ball Credits

Teotl Studios

Project LeadSjoerd De Jong (Hourences)
Lead ProgrammerMarkus Arvidsson
ProgrammingJames Tan (Snake), Arthur Denardou, Robert Nagy, Russ McMackin
ScriptingAnton Botvalde, Thomas Browett, Sjoerd De Jong (Hourences), Mario Marquardt, Dan Banefelt
Creative DirectorSjoerd De Jong (Hourences)
WritersWilliam Massaro, Martin Annander
Lead ArtistMarkus Palviainen
Vehicle and Character ArtMarkus Palviainen, Bart Wiltenburg, Benjamin Erdt, Oliver Gam, Charlie Baker, Lukas Arvidsson
AnimationHongman Leung
Environment ArtSjoerd De Jong (Hourences), Lukas Arvidsson, Markus Palviainen
SFX ArtistSjoerd De Jong (Hourences)
Level DesignSjoerd De Jong (Hourences), Thomas Browett, Kevin Cytatzky, Mario Marquardt, Dan Banefelt
Additional Level DesignAnton Botvalde, Ben Edney
MusicTheodore Wohng
Sound DesignTheodore Wohng
Additional Sound DesignChris Vik, Psychotropic Circle
Voice ActingMichael Hillard, Dan Nassick, Gianluca Buttigliero, Paolo Rostagno Giaiero, Andreas S. Henriksen, Nils Jansson, Bernard Schaer
Swedish Casting and DirectionCarl Vikman
LocalizationPaolo Rostagno Giaiero, Katrien Anthonissen, Helga Verdoodt, Daniel Diaz, Oliver Gam, Xavier Moiny, Michael Rosendahl Schmidt, Markus Palviainen
Trailers and VideosMichael Hillard
WebsiteRyan Watson
Quality AssuranceJuha Kangas, Ludvig Kingfors, Gari Malkoc, Martin Annander, Fredrik Englund, Tobias Lundmark, Ivar Dahlberg
Legal CounselTommy Persson
AccountingInger Lund
Office AssistantKatrien Anthonissen

Tripwire Interactive

PresidentJohn Gibson
Vice PresidentAlan Wilson
AdminSandy Reynolds
Graphic DesignLeland Scali, David Hensley
Quality AssuranceJared Creasy
Legal CounselThomas H. Buscaglia (The Game Attorney)
Additional HelpHal, Hazel Whorley, Adam Capone, Charles Jones, Jelmer Kok, Cedric Danneels, Polycron, David Green, Henrik Ryosa, Tom Murphy, Ryan Anderson, Simon StÃ¥lenhag, John Barett


Thanks toBeyondUnreal, CG Textures, XP Dev
Special ThanksEpic Games - We really couldn't have done this without their support, technology, and of course the Make Something Unreal contest!, Nordic Game Program - Thanks to their funding we were able to work on the game a few months longer!

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Credits for this game were contributed by Kabushi (204712) and formercontrib (159527)